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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enhance Customer Experience, shorten sales funnels, and boost conversion rates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Openwave.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Now part of Dynamics 365) is an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which helps to optimize your business processes and also provide measurable improvements across sales, Marketing and Services. Employing its solutions, businesses can get access to actionable data which promotes the marketing, customer acquisition & relationships, and tracking of sales leads & pipeline.

Implementing CRM Solutions, dramatically improve the profitability of your business by streamlining administrative processes involved in marketing, sales, and customer services. With all the customer data within your grasp, never lose track of customer interactions! Maximize your business opportunities every single time!

Openwave, a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, offers industry solutions which adapt to meet the specific needs of your business and enable it to thrive in the fiercely competitive market of today! We operate across globe, catering to business of all sizes with wide spectrum of services from consulting, implementation, upgrades, testing and roll outs.

Customer Engagement

Accurately prioritize prospects and improve interactions with your customers. Streamline the entire sales process to achieve better engagement and deliver quicker solutions!

Fully Integrated

By effectively integrating software solutions and communication channels, track potential leads and connect with your buyers at the right time to close deals through their preferred medium!

Highly Scalable

With actionable customer data, get insights into the possible solutions for taking your business to the next level. Get rid of all the monotonous work and use your resources for actual growth!

Want to personalize and improve your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM System or implement a new one? Join Hands with Openwave!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Empower your sales team with the power of Artificial Intelligence and effectively engage with customers to accelerating sales performance! Easily track potential leads and automate sales execution!

Quickly Grow and Scale

With a data-driven sales process, increase your business opportunities and achieve exponential growth without hassles. Build your pipeline with high quality leads from different sources!

Actively learn from the past and identify reliable indicators which will help drive meaningful and scalable actions for growing sustainably and generating high ROI!

Automate and Streamline Sales Process

With the ability to accurately reach potential prospects, turn them into customers by automating and streamlining your activities and engaging with them to successfully achieve conversions!

Get ahead of your customer by always identifying the next best action in order to improve the relationship and eventually close the deal. Keep uncertainty out of your way!

Maximize Customer Engagements

With all the solutions integrated, strategically engage with customers from anywhere and anytime. Personalize your interactions to carry your buyer all the way to the final step of purchase!

You will always have the insights you will need to track your customer’s status and take appropriate actions for the best outcomes. Never lose track of customer data anymore!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Run multi-channel campaigns, foster leads primed for sales, and a lot more. With powerful planning and tracking tools, align the activities of your sales and marketing team to enhance marketing productivity!

Multichannel Campaigns

Target your audience efficiently by prompting them via multiple channels - email marketing, website content, and special events. Analyze data real-time to arrive at better resolutions!

Test the marketing strategies on multiple platforms and determining the ones that bring you prospective leads which can be fostered to achieve conversions!

Boost Brand Image

Understand your brand's reputation and take effective measures to elevate it for improved recognition. Get the right people to value your business more to generate more leads!

Measure your marketing performance and track essential campaign indicators. Identify the weak points and allocate your workforce to ameliorate for rewarding improvements!

Automate Workflows and Reduce Costs

Automate marketing processes for enhanced user engagement. Reduce operational costs across your infrastructure and make informed decisions with AI to boost innovation!

Configure the software to dynamically assign tasks to the respective employee and accelerate campaigning tasks to achieve maximum productivity at nominal costs!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

Empower your customers with intelligent and guided service which ensures prompt resolutions without any compromise. Provide full customer satisfaction using the tools available!

Prioritize Customer Care

Allow customers to get in touch with you in an instant via any service channel of their preference. Improve service availability with AI and use your resources for high-value engagements!

With all the customer data within your reach, predict all the possibilities of providing customer care and be prepared to deliver the best. Giving immediate resolutions will improve customer satisfaction!

Personalize Your Services

Having a complete overview of your customer, personalize your interaction to improve engagement and achieve better results. Their interests and issues will be at your fingertips!

Boost opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling with the help of contextual customer data and direct your agents to reach optimal outcomes via intelligent automation!

Seamlessly Allocate Resources

Proactively learn the requirements of your customers via feedback surveys, social media, and discussion forums and assign productive tasks to your agents to maximize outcomes!

Teach new agents with in-app learning provision and automatically allot work for them. Automate the training process and have the resources ready for work within a short span of time!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Social Media

Social Media is a gold mine when it comes to seeking potential customers. Listening to their needs and catering to them with powerful tools will dramatically boost your recognition online!

Carefully Analyze with Marketing Intelligence

Detect and measure the sentiments of potential clients across multiple social media channels and take appropriate action to improve your brand's recognition!

Let users follow your activities and freely engage with your content. Analyze the impressions of your social posts and manipulate future posts to improve their outcomes!

Identify Trends and Exploit Them

Determine which of your topics are trending and exploit them to gain more conversions. Track them to check how the interest in your posts changes over time!

Target popular social media platforms, blogs, and forums to seek customers and stick to those that lead to desirable outcomes. Don't waste time on what platforms that don't produce results!

Connect Better with Customers

Establish social media presence efficiently and drive favorable interactions with customers by leveraging the power of the tools. Actively respond to customer queries for better engagements!

Employ dedicated teams to pursue social activities by taking advantage of Office Groups. Effortlessly assign posts, share profiles, and captivate customers!

Interested in enhancing business performance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Implement a new system or tailor-make and upgrade your existing system with Openwave!

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