Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway Solutions

Online payments have formed the technological backbone of rapidly expanding industries. From revolutionizing eCommerce to creating an impact on financial institutions at all levels, the dynamic changes in various industries have resulted in demand for an effective payment landscape.

Today's customer seeks convenience and the flexibility to use multiple modes of payments, be it through Credit Cards, eWallets, online checks or mobile. This is where payment gateways and financial services technology solutions are required. It can integrate the various modes of payments, receive inputs from payment portals, encrypt sensitive information such as PINs and credit card numbers, facilitate information transfer between the customer and merchant, authorize payments and, in general, make transactions happen in the digital space.

What We Do?

At Openwave, we provide end-to-end online payment solutions, which are built on robust architecture and a secure technological infrastructure that adhere to the demands of businesses across verticals. Over the last two decades, our experts have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the global payment industry, continuously evolving to keep up with the ever-changing space. With a key focus on security, performance, and efficiency, we deliver exemplary financial services/payment management solutions customized as per specific business requirements and can build payment gateways similar to PayPal, Authorize.Net etc.

In addition, we integrate and customize existing payment gateways such as PayPal, Cyber Source, Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, YourPay, among others to online portals.

Why Choose Us?


When it comes to payment management, simplicity is the key - and that's why Openwave tailors its solutions with end-users in view, offering extensive ease-of-use.


Security is the crux of any payment solution. Openwave adheres to the highest standards of security to devise solutions that are fast, reliable and PCI-DSS compliant.

Limitless Customization

With us, the power lies with you. Customize to any extent with functionalities you require to achieve an outcome that complies with your business requirements.


Driven by an ISO quality assurance framework, Openwave prioritizes quality above all, adhering to the highest industry standard to achieve superior results.

24/7 Support

We go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Our technical assistance is always available, 24/7, 365 days a year so that any critical issues are addressed promptly.

Solid Expertise

With more than 10 years of experience in delivering payment gateway solutions to esteemed global clients, including Fiserv, Interpoynt, Frontstream, Paygate etc, our vast expertise makes us unparalleled in the industry.


Nothing comes close to the level of customer service we provide. With 24/7 support made available, we’re ready to handle your technical/non-technical concerns at any time and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
PCI-DSS comprises a set of security standards that mandate all companies to provide a holistic, secure and safe payment environment. All our solutions are PCI-DSS compliant, thus bolstering your security credentials.
Our vast expertise and efficient work processes, allow us to compile, customize, deploy and integrate the payment solution with your business in the fastest time possible, proving uncontested superiority over our competitors.
  • All major credit/debit cards
  • Netbanking options
  • eWallets and mWallets
  • Bank EMIs, e-checks, email and IVR payments
Our white label solutions include formulation of comprehensive payment gateway solutions, allowing businesses to rebrand them as per requirements. From storing customer card details to one-tap checkouts, we offer a host of white label solutions that businesses from any sector can avail.
If a customer wants to split his payment in multiple ways, it is now made possible with our financial solutions. During checkout or on the payment page, the user has the option to split the bill and pay it in two or more modes, either through debit card, credit card, eWallet, NetBanking or other options.
Multi Flow payment option can be enabled allowing the user to combine two or more different bills and pay the consolidated amount in a single payment. The total amount can also be split multiple ways and paid using different payment types, using either cards, wallets or others.
The data inflow and data outflow may be in different formats. However, with our innovative mapping feature, the incoming data can be mapped and configured to the prescribed format. This allows merchants to generate custom bills without making extensive alterations.
We provide complete control over transactions, allowing your business to view data related to it and assess how many transactions have been successful or have failed. This gives you an overview of the relevant statistics pertaining to your transactions.

We host a separate panel that includes:

  • A dashboard featuring all payment details and transaction history
  • There’s an auto-capture feature, replacing its manual counterpart
  • Allows configuration of payment types, modes, prescribe limits, fees and more.
  • The UI can be customized to reflect business-specific characteristics
Card details are collected via secure I-frame solutions on your page, thereby simplifying payment processes for end-users.
With the demand for quick, hassle-free and easy online payments on the rise, we’ve enabled the highly sought-after one-click payment feature to store card details. The customer will only have to enter CVV and password during the next payment.
Our payment solutions provide what others don’t: simplicity, mobile optimization, security, enhanced features, dynamic switching, intelligent session retry and more. This will set you a class apart from the rest, translating into better conversions.
Take orders on a global scale with our multifaceted payment solutions that accept payments in several currencies including Dollar, Euro, Pound, Riyal, Rupee, Dirham, and more.
Accept international payments from clients by offering them your services in their local language. Our solutions are built to be multi-linguistic, facilitating payments from all corners of the world.
No matter what technology solution we develop, at its core are our values and principles, and our growing clientele stands testimony to that. If you seek us out for payment solutions, be assured of 24/7 grid performance monitoring, excellent connectivity, and top-notch security.
Fast and secure payments are possible without requiring users to visit a website. By incorporating email payments, all you need to do is send an email requesting for payment to be made, and the customer will then be redirected to the payment system.
With increased demand for making payments on-the-go, your mobile applications can be integrated with various payment options for users to make payments easily. It also includes features to store customer payment information such as credit card details to process payments faster.
Users can now pay via phones, from anywhere, through an interactive voice responsive payment system that provides speeds up to 2X faster than that offered by our competitors. It’s easy to integrate a CSR system as well.
With our financial solutions, you get integration APIs with which the eCommerce industry can explore the potential of more than two dozen shopping carts including Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, OsCommerce, Zen Cart and more.
We have a sound risk management system in place based on various safety parameters that are in compliance with international standards, to help you identify, manage and monitor transaction risk.
One of our core strengths involves seamless integration with banks. We can enable bank integration for you through the bank’s Core Banking System, facilitating enhanced money management.
Our Merchant Plugin Interface (MPI) enables secure online payment processing for applications that run across any platform. Security aspects such as cardholder verification and password authentication are taken care of through the validation functionality added on the merchant payment pages.
It is now possible to make/receive payments through QR codes on mobile devices. The method is simple: a QR code is generated and is sent to the receiver, who then reads it using the mobile app to collect the sent amount.
You can directly connect with your customers using push notifications. We incorporate this feature to enable clients to send out relevant push notifications through any platform required, be it a web console, mobile application or REST API.
We have rich experience in developing SaaS-based payment solutions that are designed to cater to multiple levels of your clients, enabling you to define each level with specific features. Solutions delivered via this business model could be licensed, set up in minimal time and run from anywhere, without requiring purchase, installation or maintenance of hardware/software.

We Serve:

  •  Banks

  •  Financial Institutions

  •  Insurance

  •  Telecom

  •  Retail

  •  B2B and B2C marketplaces

  •  eCommerce

  •  Healthcare

  •  Automotive

  •  Education

  •  Mid-market companies

  •  Non-profit/Government organizations

  •  Manufacturing/Distribution

  •  Restaurants

Apart from the aforementioned industries, we also cater to other segments where payment gateway solutions are required to send/ receive /schedule payments.

Our Clients:


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