Company Profile

Onsite-Offshore Model

Customer-Driven-Excellence is one of the core factors in Openwave's Value System. Our delivery models are designed based on a customer-centric approach that requires a balance between geographical proximity to customers and cost-effectiveness. We have successfully adopted a delivery model that has been perfected through multiple iterations of improvements and tempered by decades of experience. Our global presence allows us to deliver on-time, within budget and best quality.

We at Openwave, have been able to distribute our technical capabilities across geographical locations to leverage time-differences and convert that liability into an asset, to work on 24 hour workdays. As a client, you will never realize the time differences as the services are provided in double-quick time. The responsibilities are distributed amongst our on-site and off-shore teams to make product realization faster. Here is a peek into the work distribution between the on-site and off-shore teams.

On-site Team

  • Liaise with the client and document requirements
  • Provide personal services to clients
  • Manage accounts and service delivery
  • Manage project timelines and deliveries
  • Implement and test solution
  • Provide training to end-user

Off-shore Team

  • Carry-out technical design and development activities
  • Quality Assurance
  • Packaging of the product
  • Continuous Technical Support

Openwave's global delivery model gets the job done in double quick time by leveraging distributed capabilities of our resources and time-zones. We are able to seamlessly transfer the project work to globally dispersed worksite in case of any disruption in one of the centers.

Major advantages of our global delivery model are:

  • 24*7 Productivity
  • Shorter Lead-time
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost Advantage
  • Streamlined Communication
  • Proximity to the client
  • Faster turnaround time

The perfect tango between Openwave's on-site and off-shore teams enable us deliver outstanding solutions that delight customers. Our judicious use of technology and manpower increases the client's confidence in Openwave to deliver on-time and well within the budget.