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Openwave Computing is a premier Information Technology leader, providing exemplary services to clients worldwide since 1997. We have transformed companies through the value chain, providing technology to help them attain a competitive edge. Openwave's relationships have come a long way, from being just a service partner to a strategic partner now. We excel in understanding our client's unique requirements and customize our services to fulfill all their technology needs.

Our range of services envelopes the entire spectrum of Information Technology from IT architecture to application development, integration, maintenance, enhancement, testing and IT enabled services.

We don't just satisfy our client, but delight them. - Not only do we get the job done on-time, but we also ensure it is of exemplary quality. Our clients are empowered by the superior technical capabilities of our highly qualified team. Our value additions are not limited to the modern, legacy or contemporary. Our wide range of technical knowledge encompasses innovative technical solutions and creative business solutions.

Our clientele includes the Fortune 500 at one end and SMEs at the other. Irrespective of the size of the business, our service remains consistent throughout. Openwave's innovative approach to leveraging technology, designing methods and service delivery has attracted accolades from the clients who have tasted the fruits of success through our superior service delivery. With an ISO 9001:2015 Quality assurance framework, Openwave ensures the highest standards of quality for your product. In addition, our strict compliance with the ISO 27001:2013 standard assures the full security of your valuable information and assets, and is directed at minimizing risk at all levels.

Openwave's value system has enabled us to internalize the processes necessary to provide cost effective solutions without compromising on the quality of service. Our management has set a vision specifically with the interests of the small and medium players, with an aim to provide them a level playing field – by elevating their technology to match the best in the industry. We understand their business needs and provide them the best of technology, without causing much strain on their budgets.

Openwave has been instrumental in numerous successful implementations that have transformed our clients and enabled them to compete as equals with industry giants. They have been able to provide exemplary services to their customers faster, at an affordable cost and in a more efficient manner. In other words, we have helped create a ripple effect of quality, service and efficiency.