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SEROI - Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) System

The Reliability Centered Maintenance is an analytic approach to discover the potential faults in a system, product or a process and to resolve this problem before it expands to unmanageable levels. With several critical equipment and machinery being utilized on a daily basis, risk-elimination and fault-prevention are of paramount importance.

SEROI is an RCM web application aims to provide industries with efficient and seamless means of recording faults in their products and processes. With the information availed through this tool, you can detect failing modules and resolve any persisting issue prior to the materialization of any complication.

This state-of-the-art RCM System is seeing major developments happen; with decision analysis modules in play, you will be able to narrow down to a feasible solution in no time. Keeping in mind the possible outcomes a failure module might have, we have designed SEROI RCM System to automatically help users analyze a fault through a set of Yes/No questions and arrive at a solution. Down the line, we plan on integrating Artificial Intelligence with our modules to take the analytical processes to a new level.

Industries have a tough time managing the heaps of data generated every day. When you have hundreds of machines running, and maintaining them is an arduous but necessary task. With our SEROI RCM System to provide you with cutting-edge fault detection and data storage for the same, you can resolve any rising issue immediately and ensure you have a perfect functioning system.

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