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Smart Academic System (SAS)

Smart Academic System (SAS) is a complete ARMS (Academic Resource Management System) which is specially developed for techno-savvy colleges, universities, and schools! It is a web-based application that is used for paperless management of end-to-end academic resource planning. Its primary objective is to simplify and streamline complex and time-consuming academic procedures like course planning, budget estimation, teaching resource allocation, student enrollments, and course releases among many others to improve overall productivity of the organization. It is well-protected in the database and it can’t be accessed without authorization.

Our SAS is designed to enable effective database management and enhance the ‘heavy-duty’ academic functions of your educational institution - be it school, college, or university! Being exceptionally user-friendly, it saves valuable time and effort by rendering the ability to seamlessly store, modify, and retrieve data in a secure manner by employing special modules. We also customize the software to specifically suit your requirements because we believe that education must not be limited by technological limitations!


Employ from the following features to dramatically improve the functions of your academic institution:

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