The Top 5 Competitive Open Source E-Commerce Platforms: Usage vs. Performance

Compared to the global online sales of 2013 which ranges from 18.3% to $1.298 trillion, the e-commerce business market is expected to attracting 175 million people in the year 2016. Amazing, isn’t it However, the tough time begins with the choice of a platform to leverage e-commerce website development. This post reveals a few of the most prolific e-commerce technologies today, prioritizing high, medium, low- each one different in usage and performance.


Magento, in other terms- a powerful, flexible and cost effective e-commerce solution, can say. Chosen amidst 50,000 plus businesses around the world, Magento was built using the Zend Framework. With over 200,000 installations, companies such as Nike, Samsung, Olympus, OfficeMax, the North Face, Stussy and Nespresso are among the clients.

Why Choose Magento?

  • Stable and reliable structure
  • The architecture designed for scalability with in-built support for most payment gateways
  • Contains all excellence features to enhance your online business: shopping cart development, catalogue management, navigation controls, One page checkout and administration functions
Varied Opinions:
Compared to other open source platform, Magento Website Maintenance is high but more SEO friendly.


Want to establish your own online business and lope your ecommerce economically and smoothly? OpenCart is the proven choice. Its success lies behind the excellent usability for online merchants as well as their customers.

Why Choose OpenCart

  • Straightforwardness and excellent usability
  • Supports any number of categories, products, various currencies
  • Supplementary option of payment and shipping method
  • Manage multiple store fronts under one admin
Varied Opinions
Even though it is easy to use, especially for beginner, hire OpenCart developer rather than by own hand.

Zen Cart

Having separated from Oscommerce, Zen Cart is an online store management system that specifies in GNU General Public License. One of the major difference between Zen Cart and OsCommerce ecommerce solutions comes from the former’s structural changes and easier to change appearance as CSS based.

Why Choose Zen Cart?

  • simple to handle, modify and install
  • several helpful adapter available to develop
Varied Opinions
Anybody looking to have a simple store and doesn't care much about the look and setup can hire PHP Zen Cart developer from leading Web Development Company, NYC.


One of the oldest open source platforms available in the market, Oscommerce ecommerce solution is utilized by nearly 13,000 websites. The big benefit here is 7,000 plus add-ons from the community that can be downloaded and used for free. On the backend, it uses PHP for server-side programming and MySQL for its relational database management system (RDMS).

Why Choose Oscommerce?

  • Available Free and premium templates
  • Add-ons from community members
  • Customer and order management from the admin dashboard
Varied Opinions
Small business owner who require a website that's SEO-friendly, user-friendly and easy to modify, Oscommerce provide very rapid and low-cost solutions for customers.


WooCommerce is an ecommerce solution integrated with the open source WordPress, and features to be a great end product. Initially, WordPress was designed as a blogging platform but curved into a tremendously powerful and modifiable CMS system with a large range of plugins that can transfer your site into an online shop.

Why Choose Woo Commerce?

  • Excellent Administration and Reporting Facilities.
  • Comprehensive Shipping and Tax Calculations.
  • High Efficient Product Management System.
  • Additional Features for Marketing and Promotion.
Varied Opinions
People with little technical knowledge of coding or who cannot hire developer can go for this. This platform will be perfect for small and medium online businesses though it might not seem the best solution for enterprise level stores. So, there you have it. All the above mentioned popular ecommerce platforms should be empowering your online business in a different way. But choosing the right one is however your call. And Take It!

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