Want To Improve Organic Traffic? 3 Best Strategies for Ranking Your Magento Go Store

In recent times, Google has launched 3 large algorithms and a handful of updates to those algorithm processes, aimed at stamping out web spam in order to produce high quality search results. Directly affecting the majority of Magento ecommerce base, Google’s Panda search algorithm is the primary one we are concerned about. In the face of the latest Google updates there are however three proven strategies for ranking your Magento Go store:

  1. Provide unique product descriptions.
  2. Integrate a blog into your site.
  3. Get social- social media engagement
Implementing Unique Descriptions The first step to recovering traffic is to understand that duplicate content, and thin content, is the problem that got sites penalized in the first place. Most retailers receive inventory lists from suppliers which already consist of product descriptions. In such a case, your site is not providing any further value to the searchers. What incentive does Google have to send their valuable traffic your way? Here are some brainstorming ideas for writing your own product descriptions:
  • Writing long descriptions for the lowest-common denominator will answer to frequently asked questions removing thin-content penalties. In other words, using the FAQ abbreviation will help you attract Googlers who use it in their searching.
  • Imagine yourself as Duct Tape- a simple product used for everything from plumbing to prom dresses. As in like, do you sell prom dresses? Besides that, highlight other uses like homecoming dances, college formals and other keyword-based uses.
  • Writing a success story, say from your own experience or from a friend or customer saves time and money. These opportunities are great ways to strengthen your products and inject unique content into the product pages.
Integrate a Blog into Your Magento Shopping Cart Ecommerce Store A qualified Magento Go Pro can set up a custom-branded blog to seamlessly integrate with your store. For the best results, it is recommended to integrate relevant blog posts directly on the home page or product pages. Creating a blog extension acts as a great source of marketing outreach and here’s why. Truly Engaging: Whether for or against something, good articles pick a stance. Visitor engagement, in the form of comments and average visit length are metrics Google pays close attention to. Unique and Valuable: Articles written for a product or service you sell includes own insight and expertise. Means no duplicate content issues provide value to the community. Regularly Updated: Content freshness is a big indicator of relevance. The more recent, updated information will much more closely match your intent. And, Google understands this and now actively looks for freshness factors. Get Socialised In order to make sure to integrate social media into your marketing efforts, Google looks into social media interaction as a major ranking factor. You can leverage these sites for traffic to your store for SEO benefits. But it is possible to drive large volumes of traffic from Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ pages. The above guidelines is a way to driving higher levels of better-qualified traffic to your site in no time.

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