7 Captivating Features of Xamarin Cross-Platform App Development

Today, there are a number of mobile app development platforms that are available in the market. When multiple operating systems come in the picture, users get distributed and scattered among them and it becomes difficult to target your audience across all of those systems. In order to overcome this challenge, cross-platform app development appeared as a viable solution. However, it took a while till a reliable and robust framework was made which is capable of rendering powerful applications which run fabulously across all the platforms.

Xamarin app development serves as an incredibly powerful solution that can be employed to build amazing apps which work well on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Generally, one may choose Xamarin as it enables the building of apps that render native-like user experiences across different operating systems, the solutions are open-source and continuously upgraded by developers around the blog, the sharing of app logic, the reuse of the same API.

Here are 7 killer benefits of using Xamarin for Cross-Platform App Development!

1) Simplicity and Convenience

The processes involved in the development of a Xamarin-based hybrid app are relatively less. The simplified nature of code sharing across multiple platforms leads to quicker development of the app. Due to the standardized UI controls; developers are able to offer a better user experience to the users. Moreover, there is no need to add extra plug-ins! Usually, the testing process for cross-platform apps is long and tedious. However, the Xamarin Testcloud enables cloud testing of apps, which makes the process much simpler, faster, and shorter!

2) Flexibility

As Xamarin is built on open-source technologies, you are offered a great deal of flexibility which allows you to personalize the apps according to your specific needs. Its component store enables developers with a number of resources, cross-platform libraries, third-party web services, and even UI controls.

3) Scalability

Xamarin is backed by Microsoft, which enables users with Visual Studio for developing and debugging apps! The advantage of this environment is that it provides a code editing environment along with a simulator for testing the app being developed. The VS App Center allows for the testing of applications on various devices in the cloud. This helps analyze the impact of the different features as they are being used in the market. By tightly binding the SDKs and the APIs of several platforms, high-quality apps can be made and supported appropriately with new features as and when they are developed for any particular operating system.

4) Performance

When it comes to Xamarin, it operates via two main approaches - shared UI and separate UI. In shared UI, almost all the code is distributed and share across all platforms. However, in separate UI, the business logic alone is shared and separate UIs have to be made for all the platforms. With the ability to share code, there much fewer bugs which could potentially slow down or hamper the performance of the app.

5) Support

Xamarin Insights aid developers in monitoring the app real-time, which allows them to keep a track of the app’s health. The Xamarin TestCloud is great for testing the apps with fragmentation, object-based UI testing, and CI. The Azure cloud helps with scaling up, on-demand resources, cost-effectiveness, high-availability, and other kinds of support.

6) Security

The connections between different components of the app are hosted and encrypted with HTTP on the Azure cloud. This leads to a high degree of security against harmful malware and renders 24/7 threat management. Also, the authentication service offered by Azure augments the protection and makes it even more difficult for hackers to penetrate into the app and steal or misuse data.

7) Availability

The Microsoft Azure ecosystem offers reliable cloud-based data synchronization. This allows users to navigate and call functions in the app even if they are not connected to the internet. You will get to enjoy unhindered network connectivity which inevitably boosts the app’s performance and decreases lags. This way, Xamarin makes sure that the app doesn’t fail the users in providing what they need whenever they need.


Numerous benefits may be reaped with the adoption of Xamarin App Development. Businesses will be able to target large pools of audiences and fast-track their marketing processes in order to drive more sales! Most large enterprises look into the development of cross-platform apps to quickly scale and capture the wider market for the best outcomes!

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