5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Cross-Platform App Development in 2019

Mobile devices have enabled us to perform several tasks with just a few taps on the screen. Since many are pretty engrossed in them, mobile app development is one of the best solutions for broadcasting your venture and exponentially boosting conversion rates. In this era, cross-platform app development is taking the stage for its ability to minimize the effort required by developers and the many benefits that come along with it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in cross-platform app development in 2019.

1) Reusability of Code

Earlier, codes could not be reused to make the same apps on different platforms. But with advanced cross-platform frameworks, it is now very much possible to do so and without much hassle. This greatly decreases the effort needed from a developer to code and subsequently increases the efficiency.

2) Reduced Coding Requirement

As the coding is merged for different platforms, the requirement for coding is greatly reduced. This makes the process extremely simple and a lot easier to get through. People no longer have to cater specifically for one type of app anymore. It is flexible and adaptable to any type.

3) Quicker Development

Since codes are not as long as before and are reusable, the development phase is accelerated enabling you too quickly in multiple platforms. This reduces the cost and thus, will not stunt your progress if getting funds ever occurs as a problem to you. Moreover, you could probably even work on more apps within a shorter span of time.

4) Easy Updating

Tools like Phone Gap allow developers to write codes in HTML5 which can be converted without much hassle and be used in multiple platforms quite seamlessly. This paves way for smooth synching of updates and makes the app updating process efficient and easy.

5) Uniform Cross-Platform App Experience

A lot of times, people use different platforms depending on convenience. During such a case, it is better to provide a uniform experience across all of them and maintain the same features and functionalities. This will remove the need to adapt to differences for the same app, allowing users to smoothly operate with them on all devices.

Popular Frameworks Used For Cross-Platform App Development:

React Native

It is based on JavaScript which caters for creating of natively rendered iOS and Android applications. It is used by successful brands like Instagram, Walmart, Airbnb, Tesla, and others. It is extremely efficient and highly reliable. A lot of users prefer to experience the native feel and this is exactly what it provides them.


This one is based on HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. It is open source and has a large community of dedicated developers to upload templates and themes which can be used by anyone. This allows to enhanced development and paves way for extensive features and functionalities. This also caters to building native-like apps.


It is a powerful software development toolkit made by Google. It is used to build high-performance and high-fidelity apps. It uses the programming language called ‘Dart’ which is quite similar to Java and JavaScript. Using a modern react-style framework, it engulfs trending user interests and enables even non-programmers to build apps successfully.


Owned by Microsoft, it uses CLI and CLS while sharing C# code base. Projects can be shared across multiple operating systems including Microsoft and Apple, allowing a variety of developers to come together and create a masterpiece of a cross-platform mobile app. This framework is gaining traction and is being used by several developers across the world.

There are so many possibilities which can be explored with the boom of such amazing frameworks. What started as an initiative to minimize effort and combine different codings into one has paved way for several opportunities and enhanced experiences enabling mobile developers to extensively juggle with different features and functionalities. This flexibility allows them to refine their coding and create perfectly sculpted applications which are not just available in multiple platforms but are even consistent throughout. This provides users extremely smooth interfaces by restricting and possibly eliminating cross-platform differences.

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