Take UI A Notch Higher To Stay Ahead In Mobile App Development In 2019!

We live in an age where people consume a lot of information via mobile devices. By helping perform and accelerate several activities, they have become an integral part of our lives. However, rocking a mobile application is not very simple as the numbers of competitors are rising exponentially. During such a scenario, it is necessary for an app to have an edge over the other in order to create a lasting impact and acquire more active users. User interface is one of the few key elements which make a mobile app successful in the market. One must ceaselessly enhance design elements to not only show competence but also make the user experience better each time.

Here, we will discuss about UI, in brief, to emphasize its significance and show how you can take it a notch higher with these 8 trends for staying ahead in mobile app development in 2019!

1) Minimizing Worded Content, Maximize Visual Content

While we’re all busy with our own activities, it isn’t likely that the majority will choose to read lengthy worded content. Visuals are the quickest way to absorb crucial information in the shortest time and this is what people are after. If you manage to minimize the usage of words for your content and maximize that of visuals, it is likely to get more attention and this will augment conversion rates eventually. Illustrative depiction via shapes, figures and different styles can be used to influence powerfully. High quality images, functional animations and immersive videos are very effective for creating lasting impressions on viewers.

2) Optimizing Opacity

Appropriate modifications of the content opacity have shown success recently, thereby promising to attract more viewers. It is quite effective and has worked out really well due to the kind of texture and smoothness it provides. Many fancy the style of transparent representations as they greatly enhance user experience. Rocking this feature, you can easily captivate people and retain them for long. By subtly blending colors and segmenting user interface, you can achieve really impressive outcomes.

3) Smart Overlapping

Overlapping is another simple yet great feature which has allured several users with its subtlety. It provides users with a sense of spaciousness although mobile apps are quite compact and don’t provide much room for adding elements. This avoids the thought of congested content and paves way for seamless hovering of users along the interface. The strategy can be extensively employed for fonts, images and other illustrations. Appropriately using it, one can escalate the impact level of their app.

4) Using Full-Screen for Background Images

An upcoming trend in app development is using the entire stretch of the screen for display. Allowing background images to cover full-screen is a good way of having users refresh their minds and continue browsing through different pages and perform various functions. Many developers are implementing this strategy as it has shown to vibrantly influence users across the world. If you haven’t updated yours yet, now is the time to do it!

5) Creative Use of Dynamic Colors

Colors are integral for an app. They abstractly signify what your venture stands for. It provides more meaning and purpose to your venture. Dynamically using them will undoubtedly result in sensational outcomes. It is not mandatory for you to use specific colors all the time. Besides the logo, you can pretty much alter other colors. People have changing moods every time. So why can’t your app have changing colors? It could actually be complementary to human nature, making it abstractly personal.

6) Buttonless Functionality

Leading apps likes Instagram have shown us that removal of dedicated buttons for operating certain functions can actually be a good idea for enhancing the user interface. In doing so, they have achieved higher conversion rates by successfully drawing keen attention and focus. Moreover, this caters for smoothening of interface making it fluid-like. Certain e-commerce apps enable customers to simply drag and drop items into shopping carts instead of having to click buttons over buttons. Such processes improve performance and renders amazing levels of functionality.

7) Voice Assistance

One of the most expected features to rise above all is the voice-enabled user interface. With this in mobile devices, users need not even touch to activate them and carry-out activities. Voice authentication will suffice for users to access phones and tablets. Also, they are enabled to perform various functions via apps just with voice commands. Developers from across the world are advertently working to take this feature to the next level so that mankind can experience life in a very different way with so much more productivity.

8) Effective Use of Hero Images

Hero images are those that stand out of all content. They represent something very strong and immediately demand a reaction from viewers. By integrating key points and information with an appropriate hero image in your app, you can clearly deliver content to users. For example, displaying distinct shapes or figures that represent something, in particular, will contribute to specificity and emphasis of your message. Adding more content and information to them will speak more about it rather than anything else. This way, you can precisely describe your venture in a nutshell with an apt hero image.

Developers from around the world are working to improve user interface to have that extra edge over others. Taking hold of these trends, ensure your ticket to a successful 2019! Openwave is a professional app development company in New York and we house an arsenal of expert app developers. We are slashing the rates of our exclusive range of services this holiday season! Connect with us and grab 10% discount using the coupon code: OWC-HolidaySP! Offer valid up to 15th Jan’2019.

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