7 Web Designs to Fare Well In 2019 for E-Commerce

E-Commerce is one of the most lucrative platforms to escalate business ventures. But it requires an effective and attractive web design to soar to stellar heights. There are several designs that have been tried and tested. Only a few manage to stand through the test of times. Instead of trying out different things and waiting to see if they work or not, it is more productive to take note of what could potentially boost your conversions and then implement what works best for the type of e-commerce venture you are pursuing.

Here are 7 web designs that are predicted to fare well in 2019 for E-Commerce:

1) Using Images That Are More Realistic

It is very important to use images that have the most impact on customers in order to nudge them to make purchases. They tend to trust realistic images more because they show how products will look in real life and that is exactly what customers need to know. Employing effective tools as these will undoubtedly have potential buyers gravitate towards buying and eventually boost sales of your E-Commerce store.

2) Minimizing Animations to Avoid Confusion and Distractions

While animations can definitely captivate people and pique their interest in your products, an overuse is not advised. It will cause annoyance possibly to the point where they leave your e-store and navigate through competing ones. Moreover, it could also divert or distract customers from actually making a purchase so, it is better to use animations only when necessary, when they can potentially drive your e-commerce sales.

3) Enhanced Color-Play to Captivate Better

Using creativity, you could play a little with various intrinsic color gradients and arrive at a masterpiece which will fascinate potential customers and lead them to buy from you. It is more like digital painting where you impress viewers with amazing arts which gain more engagement and appreciation. You need not stick to bright colors as the conventional saying goes. You could break from it and use darker shades too. It ultimately depends on what you want your e-commerce venture to represent and whether it is applicable to your target audience or not.

4) More Flexible and Functional Backgrounds

Backgrounds with video content is preferred a lot these days. Many are implementing it as it have proven to be quite effective. Using similar shades and tweaking the transparency to enhance the outlook and experience will take the website a long way forward. Using different elements to bring about useful functions which are also attractive is the recommended approach for augmenting the performance of your e-commerce store.

5) Unique Icons and Illustrations

Customizing your eCommerce store of optimal conversions is essential to ensure its longevity. While it is effective to employ popular themes and features, you must offer something unique in order to stand out from other ventures. Designing unique icons and illustrations can be a good way render this and make your website special. Bringing a creative and innovative approach on the table is liked often times and gains a lot of appreciation. It will create lasting impressions, those by which your venture would possibly be remembered. Uniqueness is what gives identity after all!

6) Include More of Geometry

Geometric elements have caught major interests lately. They are quite appealing and manage to retain customers for longer periods of time due to their elegance. Cubism was a popular movement in arts. While it made its way into the digital realm, counting entirely on it isn’t the best idea as you would compromise on uniqueness. Employ other shapes in your e-commerce store which have the potency to grab viewer attention and enhance experience.

7) Encouraging Micro-Interactions

Enabling viewers to acknowledge the various features and effects that your website offers is a great way of having them engaged throughout their journey in your eCommerce store. Micro-interactions could be liking a particular product, shortlisting them, answering a question or two, voting for a poll, This will result in a big impact in the end by paving way for potential customers to buy something or the other before they leave the website.

Using trends that are promising to be more effective than the rest, you will have a better chance at boosting conversion rates and taking your e-store to the next level! If you are looking to hire an eCommerce web design company in New York, get in touch with Openwave! We house a vibrant team of experts who are only one call away from providing you with the best of web solutions! Call today and grab a free quote from us!

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