5 Tips on Using Social Media to Drive Your E-Commerce Business Sales

If you are running an established business or a startup, social media is a critical asset in promoting e-commerce stores. With 90% consumers turning to social networks, this platform will help you build a solid reputation and improve sales. Ignoring a social media marketing strategy isn’t a good choice if you want to compete online.

Here are five key tips on using social media as an effective marketing tool for your e-commerce business.

Post Your Comments Regularly

In social networks, people should regularly be engaged with daily posts. Schedule the posts for each platform with regards to the time and number. For example, the optimal number of post per day for Facebook is one while for Twitter, it is three.

Share Attention-Grabbing Information

Sales pitches are a reliable methodology to rake in more consumers. So, provide share-worthy contents that are more appealing to the customers. Additionally, keep your social accounts engaging by posting customer stories, helpful tips, and sharing news.

Include Eye-Catching Visuals

Image-based contents leave a lasting impression than text-based posts. Therefore, share your product images on sites that favor image-driven marketing to attract people who don’t have enough time to read the post.

Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags help in improving the social media presence, so you should not ignore it. You can include hashtags in your posts to make people find your page when they click on the pertinent tag. But, limit the use of too many hashtags in one post.

Use Paid Ads

If you don’t mind shelling out money, take your social media marketing to the next level with LinkedIn ads, Promoted Tweets or Facebook ads. As long as they’re highly targeted, these paid options can help you dramatically boost website traffic.

To be competitive, social media platforms should be utilized for your e-commerce business. If you use the right marketing tactics, you can increase traffic, brand awareness and improve customer engagement, which ultimately results in a positive outcome for your business. Start devising the promotional strategy for your E-commerce site today!

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