Build Your Mobile App Today to Stay Competitive this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. If you are a retailer, it is not just the sign of autumn's arrival; it is an urgent reminder that a prospective money-minting opportunity is fast approaching.

Retailers can expect a huge number of customers to do mobile shopping, compare prices and research products. The difference between this year and last year is that mobile commerce is no longer a novelty- it's now a vital part of the shopping experience, and retailers who fail to grasp the paradigm shift could face less sales rate during the holiday season.

How Mobile Changed the Mindset of Shopaholics?

Back in the early days, shopping was associated with waiting so long in the queue during festival season. But not anymore! Today, in-store shopping has dropped by around 10% due to the increased number of people shopping online. As e-commerce is continuing its growth, 2016 has proved to be the best year yet for online retailers.

Make your App Customer-Friendly

The majority of users are more likely to download mobile applications that deliver relevant discounts and loyalty features. Additionally, customers also prefer the convenience, safety, and speed that an app provides.

Push Notifications Beat Traditional Email Marketing

Today, marketers witness about 60% higher read rates on push notifications than email. If notifications knock your customer's inbox at the right time, it can significantly increase sales.

Mobile Apps Drive Huge Traffic and High Sales

There is a study that suggests that shopping apps drive high sales across other channels. 45% customers are marking their purchase after browsing products on the mobile app.

Take Advantage Of Selling Ad Space

Today, the amount of time spent on the mobile is increasing, and as a result, the device is quickly becoming a viable marketing channel for brands and products. As a smart business person, you can take advantage of this by integrating an SDK as a publisher and selling ad space to advertisers. This could be the best idea if your app is in the limelight.

The digital influence is likely to touch every moment in the shopper's journey. Mobile phones are already on the horizon in the shopping scenario and can no longer be neglected by the retailers. Hire a professional app developer to make your Mcommerce app attractive and user-friendly before the holiday rush sets in!

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