Flutter By Google – What Is It? And How it will Simplify App Development for Businesses

Last year in May 2017, Google introduced Flutter to the entire world with the aim to simplify things for Android app developers. There are few popular programming languages used for mobile app development such as Java, HTML and so on. But Flutter, on the other hand, is an open-source platform which provides assistance and support to application developers in developing apps on both iOS as well as on the Android platform. So what makes Flutter different? It requires only one coding process and the developers can directly do the compilation based on processor architecture code. For both Android as well as for iOS, it is a piece of cake to get permission for accessing API. The various other significant features which Google Flutter has are listed as below:-

1. Cross-Platform Operations

The new version which has been launched last year i.e. beta version is the one which would support both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Customization

It is highly flexible with the support of animation tools for further improvement. It encourages customized interfaces supported with various themes based on the need of the developer and the company.

3. Hot Reload

Flutter has been loaded with another great feature which is Hot Reload. This tool provides the widest range of plug-ins as well as the support of working at ease with dynamic interfaces.

4. WebView

Another feature of flutter is that on the WebView component, the developer will be able to add flutter on their website. In addition, it will provide more stability and navigation becomes easier.

5. Formatting

It also provides assistance for an addition of inline videos as well as in formatting of the picture.

6. Responsive UI

With the help of Flutter, developers can create a responsive UI even without the feature of the visual design. And for that, as per the need of the application you need to first install the basic components and simultaneously add Flutter SDK as well as Flutter Doctor for examination of dependencies.

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