Gear Up For the 2017 Holidays – How to Boost Sales through Your Mobile App?

The festive season is just around the corner, and businesses are already prepping for the big rush. From filling up inventories to strategizing their marketing plan, there’s so much that needs to be done before the festive mood sets in. As an online retailer, what does the festive season mean for you? With a large number of shoppers turning to mobile to shop their favorite merchandise, it’s time you start using your mobile app to amplify sales and boost revenues during the holiday season.

Here are five tips that will prove useful in capitalizing on the holiday rush:

1) Provide App-Only Offers

You don’t just want the sales to spike during the festive season and then fall flat. If you want to maintain a consistent rhythm, it’s time to exploit the season to get more people to use your application. Introducing app-only offers can prompt users to download your application and enable you to transform them into long-term customers.

2) Create The Awareness

Even the best of offers and deals cannot drive increased visitors to your business if you don’t create awareness. Use social media to make announcements and generate hype, so that once the holidays hit, your sales are in full swing. Start early to maximize your profit share.

3) Set The Stage For It

You’ve got to give your application users a ‘feel’ of the celebration. Ask your mobile app developers to add themed visuals. You can also alter the application interface and add things like gift suggestions, Christmas wish-lists and more.

4) Give More To Get More

Celebrate the joy of giving to reap the maximum reward. Offer free in-app purchases, discounts, shipping or any other reward that you think will make your customers happy. A happy customer is bound to switch to your application anytime they need to shop and is likely to pick you over others.

5) Set Up An Omnichannel Experience

A sale that begins on your mobile application is not likely to end there. A user can use multiple devices such as a tablet or a PC to make price comparisons, check product reviews and more, before making a decision. Rope in your apps development team to set up an Omnichannel experience if you haven’t already implemented it.

Don’t have an app and want to build one before the holidays? Hire mobile app developers from Openwave Computing LLC, a leading mobile application development company, and roll out an app just in time for the festive season.

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