Get Better ROI This Holiday Season By Investing In Mobile Apps

As of last week, the Holiday season has officially begun and the entire US is now gearing up for what is the most awaited festival of the year- Christmas. Retail sales across North America see a spike during the final two months as shoppers gear up to make purchases in anticipation of two major festivities- Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is also the best season of the year for retailers to increase their revenues by slashing prices and making profits from the volumes. So, if you are a retailer, what is the smartest way for you to turn this year’s festivities into your heyday?

The answer: Invest in a mobile app!

Yes, retail mobile apps are the best way for you to increase eCommerce sales for this holiday season. How, and Why? The reasons follow:

Smartphone Penetration

Smartphones are commonplace today! With the total number of smartphones across the globe tipping the scales at 2.1 Billion in 2016 and another few hundred million being added each year, it provides an ideal platform for your business to be placed on.

MCommerce over eCommerce

2016 was the first year when more purchases were made online through phones than through eCommerce websites. This clearly shows the trend where mCommerce is the dominant way in which humans interact with the retail world. Getting onboard with this at an early stage is important for businesses to stay relevant in the industry and see better returns.

Shopping On the Go

MCommerce wins over eCommerce by sheer convenience. With an average of 4 hours each day being spent looking at smartphone screens, users are more likely to open apps to check out products than open a browser on their desktops and shop on an online store. Here, apps have a clear advantage over websites.

Shopping Experience

Unlike websites, apps boast of an intuitive interface and do not timeout. This makes the shopping experience better on apps and allows users to ‘Window Shop’ more easily. Application developers can also include newer features in each update and better the experience of shoppers.

Push Notifications Vs. Ads

Compared to Pay-per-Click Ads, Push notifications are better as each and every app user can be notified of the message such as a deal or a discount or a flash sale. This is unlike banner ads which are usually embedded on a webpage and are likely to be ignored. This is one factor where apps clearly score over eCommerce websites.

Convinced about the efficacy of mobile apps in helping you boost eCommerce sales? Waste no further time and get in touch with Openwave. Their app development team can help you build an effective mobile app ahead of Christmas.

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