Losing App Users? Here’s What You Can Do To Engage And Retain Them

The mobile app industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. So, by the time you finish reading this sentence, a few more apps would have been launched – that’s how dynamic and fast-paced the app environment is. Not keeping up with it, would mean that you’d fall behind and other players will take over. As an app developer, launching your app and then forgetting about it is not the way to go. If you want to retain users and keep them engaged, then you need to revamp your game.

Here are a few proven strategies that will allow you to boost app engagement:

Analyze User Behavior

This is the key to identify what goes on behind-the-scenes. Pull out tangible data to see what users do on your app, which page they use, what activity they’re involved in etc. Analyze these numbers and find out what’s lacking and where, so that you can work towards increasing your customer retention rate.

Update Your App

Your first version of the app isn’t exactly perfect. Take note of common complaints, fix glitches or bugs, make improvement in functionality and roll out updates so that your app doesn’t get outdated and drives away users.

Instantly Connect with Users

Be always open to interaction with your users and listen to their queries and suggestions to improve upon your offerings. Set up an email, phone support as well as a live chat to be able to instantly connect with users in real time. The improved communication gets more users to trust your app.

Adopt a User-Friendly Design

If your app is hard to use or has a lengthy learning curve, users will start abandoning your app before you know it! Keep the design simple, uncluttered, expressive and most of all, easy-to-use, so that it enhances the User Experience and prevents them from hopping onto another app.

Improve Social Presence

Your users are on social media – and you should be too! Expand your base to popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you can connect with your users and grab their attention. In addition to retaining existing users, it can also help you acquire new ones.

Apply these strategies and you’ll find a noticeable improvement in your retention rates. For more expert advice on improving app engagement, connect to our app developers now!

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