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Pointers to Keep in Mind While Moving Your Web App to Mobile

Moving an enterprise web application to mobile phones is a step many businesses are taking, thanks to increasing mobile usage and traffic. However, smartphone apps cannot – for now – compete with the capabilities of a well-designed enterprise application. When you move your business app to the smartphone platform, you will only be able to offer a stripped-down version of the original app.

Here are some tips that will make the transition process smoothers and will help you deliver a better product, at the end of the day:

Keep the App Productive

You won’t be able to carry over all the features of your business app to your mobile app. In that case, keep the core productivity features in place, if at all possible. Your app has to remain useful. You may need to spend time an effort to redevelop parts of your app for a less-powerful platform.

Make It Work Offline

Unlike desktops, cell phones may not have access to the internet at all times. Your app has to be of use even then, though. Put including offline features – like the ability to store data on the app and transfer it to a server when the phone next connects to the net – makes your app more useful.

Keep Smaller Screens in Consideration

Smartphones have smaller screens and use a touch interface. Your app will have to undergo extensive redesigning to keep it efficient on mobile phones. It is much harder to type on phones than it is on larger screens.

Make Security a Priority

With enterprise apps, data safety is always an important consideration, and it's no different on the platform. Make efforts to encrypt your data and protect open sessions. Make contingency plans, namely sudden power failure to the app and abandoned usage sessions.

What we mention here are only some of the challenges you will face while moving to the smaller screen. It’s critical that your development team be up to the task, and they have experience in building for mobiles. If that’s not the case, you might be better served by hiring dedicated developers to do it for you.

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