Should You Go Down The Java Route Or The Kotlin Way For Android App Development?

Since the time Android started off as an open source application development platform, Java has practically ruled as the language of choice used. Although the byte code compiling and cross-platform features made this a force to reckon with in programming, the recent times have seen yet another utility rich programming language gaining popularity. This is the JetBrains product called Kotlin, which Google I/O has recently announced as an addition to the official Android app development tool set.

This seems like a plethora of choices, but these choices become the source of confusion for Android app development teams. Let’s demystify the situation a bit and help you make the choice of either Kotlin or Java as the tool of choice:

Ease Of Learning - Kotlin Wins!

The developers of Kotlin have been marketing it as a language which even children can learn. While utilizing the main programming and object-oriented constructs of Java and C#, Kotlin has a simplified flow to it and does not have as steep a learning curve as Java. Thus, even if you do not have an Android app development background, learning and mastering Kotlin is way easier than Java!

Programming Paradigm Compared

While Java’s constructs and rich functionality set have made it versatile to thrive over these years, Kotlin certainly takes this a notch further. In addition to having a procedural programming paradigm, Kotlin also is a functional programming language, that helps capture and manifest any business requirement with ease. The utility class codes in Java can be long and strenuous to use and debug, which is where the ease to use extensions of Kotlin scores well.

Higher Order Functions And Lambda Expressions

A great way in which Kotlin simplifies coding complex business requirements for Android developers is through providing lambda expressions. In this construct, you can call functions without implicitly announcing them in advance. What essentially you are doing here is calling functions as arguments to other functions, which bring down the complexity of the overall; code dramatically – something which is practically nonexistent in Java.

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