Understanding App Store Optimization Trends to Effectively Market Apps

Every single business is releasing an app today in attempts to stay ahead in the game and this is diluting the mobile app ecosystem as a whole. With all the competition, it's a lot tougher these days to hoist the flag and remain rooted. But there are practical strategies to increase visibility and boost ranking. Google Play Store and Apple App Store follow algorithms collectively known as app store optimization (ASO) that consider some key factors for identification and ranking.

Here's everything you need to know about app store optimization and its latest trends.


Choosing a title with heavily searched keywords in it automatically increases the chances for your app to be found. Although the title can be changed with better keywords, it is better not do so after a period of time as it may lose the recognition it had attained and you may hinder the process of word-of-mouth promotion too. So, once you start getting higher search ranks and more reviews, it's best to leave the title as it is.


This is another area to consider employing popular keywords to improve search ranking. Short and long descriptions should be optimized with the right amount of keyword density. It enhances visibility but it won't last forever as keywords trends change from time to time. You have to keep up with the keyword trends and optimize app descriptions accordingly to place it where it will most likely be found.

Download Number, Ratings and Reviews

There are quite a number of ways to nudge users to help improve search ranking. The total number of downloads plays a role in search ranking. Likewise, the ratings and reviews provided by users are other determinants of ranking. These are factors you can’t directly control but still influence nevertheless. You could heavily promote and boost download numbers over time. You could ask app users to give good reviews and ratings by incentivizing it for them.


If you want to expand your reach, you can't afford to stick to one language or culture. You'll need to localize app pages and cater for different languages and different people. This is a crucial factor to improve ranking in all the local areas being targeted. Remember to adopt local keywords to not only maintain visibility but improve it cumulatively on a global scale as you create impact in all the regions your app is released.

Page Graphics

Good visuals are always attractive. App icon is the first visual your users will see. Make sure you make it look captivating enough. Then there are images and videos on the app page to take care of. Sharp and vibrant images are known to be appealing. It is unbelievable how convincing short videos can be. It is important to understand that people don't give you the time to convince them. With so much competition out there, you have to appeal to them in the shortest time possible to win.

ASO Trends of 2018

Trends keep changing and one has to be proactive to take advantage of them. Here are the latest ASO trends to grasp in order to implement practical strategies to boost app discovery and ranking. Follow them for the best results you deserve.

Trend #1:

Google has been revealing keywords which drive organic installations based on search. This draws attention to the number of downloads per keyword which is becoming crucial lately.

Trend #2:

High-quality will finally be put on the pedestal as user experience and engagement are being heavily considered for app store optimization. User feedback, ratings and conversion rates are monitored closely to develop the most suitable algorithm for ranking.

Trend #3:

Augmented reality has bulldozed its way into the apps arena over the recent years and it is taking the stage along with other factors. Equip yourself with it and take the lead.

For the sustenance of all apps, app store optimization methods are modified from time to time. It is important keep up with the trends to stay in the game. By building an app around the key factors, you can effectively its discovery and ranking, eventually achieving better engagement and higher conversion rates. If you need help with app marketing or developing, get in touch with Openwave and hire our experts at extremely affordable rates, today!

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