Who Will Win The Battle Of Development Platforms – Swift or Objective-C?

The mobile app development industry has been in a state of evolution for quite some time now. iOS app development hangs between two platforms- Objective-C and Swift. Either of the two are efficient options. Yet, developers are always deciding upon which one to give a go.

Here are a few points that will help you in making this decision:

1. Which One Is More Popular?

Hands down, Swift is the more popular one among the two. It is one of the most rapidly growing programming languages. It can be used on various applications and can be made use of, for the development of infrastructure of the back end. Many improvements have already been planned in this area.

2. The Ease Of Development

Coding, it seems, is much easier in Swift. The efforts are reduced. The codes are pretty clear so you can be certain that your work will be free from major errors.

3. Which One Has The Brighter Future?

Swift is the future of programming languages, as stated by many experts in the field? In the year 2018, it has been the most widely used language. The outcome can be produced much more speedily with swift and it is also much more expressive. The offered features are also higher in number in the platform.

4. App Maintenance

If you are using Swift as your base for the app, you will need to spend less money and time in its maintenance, as opposed to Objective-C where two different files are needed to be maintained.

5. Issues That Can Arise

Swift usually doesn’t let any issue arise in your coding. Be rest assured, your coding will be error free. There is a previously set process which will be followed unless you authorize something different.

Based on all the above points, Swift comes out to be the better option among the two. Swift app development is the new nirvana of the iOS app development world – and Openwave can make it happen.

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