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15 Reasons to Adopt the Mobile – First Approach for Your Business in 2017

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life for most people. In fact, research tells us that people now spend more time on their smartphones than they do on their TVs! Businesses worldwide are waking up to the mobile phenomenon and adopting a mobile-first approach.

Here are top benefits of going mobile-first with your business by building a mobile app:

1) Huge User Base

Over 2 billion people have cell phones – and the number will only grow in the coming years.

2) Engaging Notifications

You can keep users involved with your application – and your business – by sending them personalized notifications.

3) Access to Customer Data

You can access customer data to improve your app, your business, and your products for business growth.

4) Ease-of-Access

Apps are easy to access, even on the go. They are much more convenient to use, compared to desktop computers.

5) Easy to Update

It takes little to no technical knowledge to update the content on an application, unlike with websites. Anyone can do it.

6) Easy to Find

Unlike your website, an application is easy to find. It will be placed on a popular store, where anyone can get to it.

7) Low Maintenance

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for your app maintenance. You only have to pay a one-time fee to get it listed.

8) High User Experience

It provides users with a personal, fast, and smooth experience that helps them form a better opinion about your business.

9) Grievance Redress

Complaints that customers have about your product or service can be easily handled. You also learn more about your clients through it.

10) Easy Sharing

It is simpler to share software than a website. Your users will be able to share it with their friends, giving you more users.

11) Quick Feedbacks

Any mistakes with the product can be reported back to your company – and developers – directly.

12) Great Features

Applications have an eye-catching design and amazing features that help you serve your customers better.

13) Browser Independent

Unlike with computers, it will run on all kinds of phones and operating systems, regardless of the browser being used.

14) Advertising

While web-based companies benefit from advertising where as advertising on mobile takes up less data and is comparatively smoother than advertising on the web.

15) High ROI

Making a lot of money through your app is possible. It will also simplify the running of your business for high ROI.

You can hire qualified dedicated app developers to make you an app at an affordable rate, on the platform of your choice like Android or iOS.

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