Why Responsive Design is Crucial for Your eCommerce Business in 2017?

Sales that originate from mobile devices are picking up. In fact, the majority of the traffic to some major eCommerce websites globally now comes from small-screen devices like phones and tablets as opposed to desktop PCs. With over 2 billion people now owning a mobile phone, it has become a necessity to make websites mobile-friendly.

Responsive Design Makes Your Site Mobile-Friendly

So what is responsive design exactly? It is a technique that makes content adapt to the screen size of the device being used to access it. Mobile devices have limited screen size, and it is difficult to navigate desktop-sized pages on them. With responsive design, the content gets scaled down – including images, animations, and videos – to make it readable and readily available on small screens.

Responsive Design Is Crucial For Your Ecommerce Business In 2017

Statistics tell us that over 55% of all time on online retail sites is now spent on small-screen devices. That means that if your store isn’t accessible to on-the-go users, you are losing out on a huge amount of business.

Here are some reasons why responsive design is so advantageous to your online business:

• Add Search Engine Rankings: Google and other search engines rank sites that support mobile-friendly designs over sites that don’t. By making the shift, you will automatically gain search engine rankings.

• Keep Up With Competitors: Over 40% of all your customers will abandon your store and go to a competitor if you don’t provide a smooth experience on small-size devices.

• Provide An Omnichannel Experience: You will be able to provide a smooth omnichannel experience to your customers by implementing it. That means your customers will easily be able to buy from you – and switch while browsing – from phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

• Simplify Marketing: You won’t have to design dual marketing campaigns for smartphone and desktop users. A single marketing campaign that drives traffic to a single location will suffice.

• Provide a Better Experience: Making your on-the-go customers happy will make them feel better about your business and make it more likely they will buy from you in the future.

Implementing responsive design isn’t as expensive as you think. You can hire our experienced web designers to do it for you in a short span of time, without affecting the regular running of your business, at pocket-friendly prices.

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