Is Your Business App Secured Against Data Theft? Find Out

Businesses from around the world are scrambling to build apps to boost brand recognition and deliver products and services to their rapidly increasing mobile customers. Some companies are also developing enterprise apps that help automate business processes to increase productivity. But how safe are business apps against data theft?

Vulnerability to Data Theft

We’re now at a point in time where many companies have adopted the BYOD (bring your own device) policy, which allows employees to use a variety of devices for work. While this boosts productivity, it also makes it easy for hackers to steal data – because every device will have unique vulnerabilities that a knowledgeable hacker could exploit.

So how do you protect your business app from data theft? There are a plenty of ways to do so:

Patch Up Vulnerabilities in Your App

Your first step should be to patch vulnerabilities in your code and prevent your app from being reverse engineered or tampered with. Only allow your software to be downloaded from approved channels.

Secure Devices Using the Application

The ultimate security of the application depends on the safety of the device using it. You can disable certain core features on devices that aren’t deemed secure or that haven’t been updated recently.

Build Remote Wipe Capabilities

What happens when a device gets stolen? You can keep your data safe by designing fail safes like a remote wipe function. If a device with your software falls into the wrong hands, you should be able to wipe it remotely.

Educate Employees

Employees should be encouraged to take certain simple precautions that prevent data theft. Turning off location access, deleting search histories, and always keeping the phone at hand to prevent it from being stolen can contribute a great deal to security.

Plan for High-Risk Mobile Transactions

Finally, enterprise level operations carried out on mobile software should be carefully monitored. Consider banning client-side transactions entirely on mobile apps for maximum safety.

Are you worried about the data safety about an app you own or are building? You can make it as safe as possible from external threats by hiring the services of top app developers in US.

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