2017 eCommerce Trends that Are All Set to Revolutionize the $3 Trillion Industry

Did you know that over 50% of all Americans now prefer to shop online than in real-world stores? The eCommerce phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down, and it has gotten a significant boost in recent years because of mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites that have made on-the-go shopping a viable option for everyone.

2017 promises to be a big year for the eCommerce, as we are going to see growth rates of exceeding 14% worldwide - experts estimate the current $3 trillion industry will be worth over $5 trillion by 2020. Here are some of the top predicted eCommerce trends that you need to watch out for this year:

The Era of Artificial Intelligence

We’re going to be seeing the mainstream implementation of artificial intelligence in 2017 in online sites. Customers will be able to talk to artificial assistants through voice or text for help with shopping – for searching and recommendations. We’re also seeing chat bots embedded in messenger apps speed up ordering.

The Mobile-First Approach

In 2016, mobile traffic exceeded desktop-based traffic on favorite sites globally. Now, online businesses are designing their sites for cell phones first and then optimizing for desktops instead of the other way around. You will also see a steep rise in the number of shopping apps.

Increase Mobile Payment Options

Apps integrated with mobile payment options have been a roaring success in 2016, with Starbucks (who owns one) witnessing a rise in revenue of 12% from the app. A lot of businesses will now offer mobile payment options to cater to cell phone users.

Order Predictions

Technology has made it possible for companies to predict what a customer will buy, and when, to a significant degree of accuracy. Online stores will take advantage of this technology in 2017 to provide the right products at the right time to the right customer for maximum revenues.

Super Fast Delivery

Perhaps the biggest advantage brick-and-mortar stores had over online ones was customers being able to buy products instantly and take them home. In 2017, many businesses are looking to bridge this divide by offering faster deliveries – often on the same day, within a first few hours of the order being placed!

It’s a good idea for eCommerce businesses to take note of these trends and upgrade their stores and strategies to support them – or risk losing out to competitors. Our experienced eCommerce developers can upgrade your store to make it 2017-ready!

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