Gear Up for These Top Marketing Changes for a Successful 2017

Another year is upon us and businesses are scrambling to design or revamp a perfect marketing strategy that will help them generate more revenues than they managed last year. Marketing is complicated business – the competition for customers is fierce and people today are bombarded with ads wherever they go. It takes an innovative strategy to get customers to notice you.

Here are some marketing trends you need to gear up for to ensure you stay in the competition for customers in 2017:

Video Marketing

Video marketing has given the highest ROIs in 2016. In 2017, we are going to see a lot more marketers comes up with innovative marketing videos that engage customers through unique stories and provide useful info at the same time.

Chatbots and Other Technology

New technological innovations like Chat bots present a hitherto unexploited promotional medium. We can expect businesses to take to the new channels like fish to water.

Influential People Won’t Matter As Much

A lot of companies recruited prominent actors and politicians to be their brand ambassadors last year. That strategy hasn’t paid off for many brands, especially on social media like Twitter – we don’t expect to see the strategy being employed this year.

SEO Optimization Remains Crucial

Finally, SEO optimization remains vital, as a significant chunk of sales and leads for most companies originate through searches on top engines like Google and Yahoo.

Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing

Businesses are waking up to the fact that their customers can now engage them on phones, desktops, TVs, the radio, social media, and magazines and newspapers. The focus will now be on engaging customers on multiple platforms.

Live Data and Predictions

Technology has made it possible for businesses to get ‘live’ data which tells them how well their promotional efforts are progressing. This data will be used to modify strategies as they are being executed.

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