3 Reasons Why Implementing Magento 2 Will Drive Higher Sales

When you think about amazing eCommerce avenues, there is historically one platform which has stood above the rest for a long time now – Magento. With numerous web avenues being designed and run on the platform, there is a huge development community today. However, the newest dash at this great platform – Magento 2 is all the more lethal and feature rich. It is the platform of choice if technologically advanced and swanky ecommerce portals are what you want your business to be run by.

Here are a few ways in which Magento 2 can make all the difference when it comes to propelling your eCommerce business forward:

1. An Enhanced Scalability

While Magento 1 was a really fast and swift processing platform, its processing speeds for transactions would peak at about 100 to 150 transactions in an hour. Magento 2 has been designed to be all the more leaner and meaner in this regard, with peak transaction processing speeds of almost 250 to 300 transactions per hour. This helps you scale up your turnover exponentially.

2. Ease of Configuration

Although Magento 1 wasn’t bad at all when it comes to the ease of configuration, with an average configuration taking about 2-3 seconds, Magento 2 is a stark improvement over it with completion times ranging between 1 and 2 seconds. What this means is less idle time for your development team and thus reduced operating expenditures hitting your business.

3. Reduced Checkout Time for Customers

In the early days, customers would be able to check out off stores in less than 9 seconds, while Magento 2 has improved this to below 5 seconds. What this translates into is a higher customer handling throughout for your store and hence increased sales per unit time.

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