8 Incredible Features To Look Out For In The New Android Studio 3.1

We have some exciting news for the developers out there! Google has come up with an entirely new version - the Android Studio 3.1 and guess what? It’s loaded with robust features and changes. Speaking in brief, it incorporates the Google Integrated Development Environment or the IDE that is sure to serve immense purposes for the Android app developers.

Besides the use of C++, there are amazing features to look out for in Android Studio 3.1 that will revolutionize the world of Android app development. Let us talk about a few features here.

1. Database Code Editing

Now, the Android app developers can easily select the SQL or Room Database code editing options. You can find faster and easier SQL navigation and refactoring of SQL statement.

2. Kotlin Lint Checks

In the latest Android Studio 3.1, Google has extended the quality checks for Lint code to make them easier for use by the developers in the IDE.

3. The New Build Output Window

Google has included a latest version of Build output window. With this, it going to be easier to get hold of the flaws and use the tree view to build status.

4. IntelliJ Platform Update

The Android App developers get to use the IntelliJ2017.3.3 platform with the Android Studio 3.1. It also has other features such as in-built support for the SVG image preview etc.

5. C++ CPU Profiling

With Android Studio 3.1, developers can profile C++ codes in various apps. This is going to be extremely useful in recording the various method traces of C++ by the help if simpleperf as backend.

6. D8 Dex Compiler

With this default Dex compiler, developers can compress the size of huge apps and get assistance during debug. It can help in faster Android app development.

7. Quick Boot

Quick Boot helps in acceleration of Android Emulator session in just around 6 seconds. You can also save the state of the quick boot as per your requirements and open it later when you need to.

8. System Images and Frameless Device Skins

Android Studio 3.1 will support the Google Play Store and also the two APIs of Nougat and Oreo. The new version also has emulator skins that make developing apps a lot easier than before.

This is sure to revolutionize the Android app development field. So, what are you waiting for? Hire experts from Openwave to work with it!

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