5 Emerging Trends in Wearable App Development

In 2017 drawing to a close, there were quite a few hit-and-misses in the app development world. One domain that particularly seems to be struggling to get attention is the domain of wearables. The wearables industry has been in a slump for quite some time now. The only high profile launch in recent times was the Apple Watch 2 which while being a highly capable device still did not reel in large numbers as it was expected to. Some of it can be attributed to the app collections offered to such devices and that is about to be changed.

2018 is likely to be a momentous year for wearables as several new app trends are to be centered on them. The following trends are expected to go mainstream:

Impact on the Gaming Industry

The Gaming industry stands to benefit immensely from wearables. If the popularity of Pokémon GO is any indication, gaming apps that integrate the real world with the virtual world have a huge demand in the years to come. Wearable apps will be at the forefront of this.

New Inroads in Health Care Services

The line between fitness trackers and smartwatches is getting increasingly blurred each day with several vital sensors coming onboard both devices. This paves the way for application developers to look away from smartphones and invest in wearable app development.

IoT-Enabled Wearables

IoT and home automation devices are increasingly becoming commonplace in our lifestyle. Wearables make the sweet comfort of IoT even sweeter as users no longer have to rely on their smartphones to operate appliances. They now have smartwatch apps that can do the same!

Innovative Applications in Payments

Thanks to innovations such as Near Field Communication (NFC), wearable apps will be able to link to the bank accounts of users and use the same for instant payments. This is a simple and secure way of paying for purchases.


Navigation is yet another area where there will be great improvements made. Thanks to wearable apps, users can now get directions to their destinations on their wrists. This is an important area in wearable development.

While wearable apps may be the trend, building them does require a bit of technical depth. Overcome this constraint by outsourcing development to reputed wearable app development company like Openwave who have operated in the industry for close to a decade. Get in touch with our developers today.

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