5 Sectors where IoT Apps Are Poised To Play a Major Role

Internet of Things, or IoT as it is referred to, has made major strides in bringing together devices and forming a mesh around our appliances. Estimates place the number of connected devices to reach a whopping 75 billion in 2025. This five-fold increase from a mere 15 billion in 2015 is attributed to the fact that smartphone applications have made it easy to generate actionable insights from the stream of data produced by connected devices. Today, a variety of industries are welcoming IoT-powered apps as a means to improve productivity and reduce operational constraints.

The following industries are poised to be transformed by IoT apps in the coming years:


Thanks to the miniaturization of biomedical devices and the improvement in implants and sensors, connected healthcare devices are now the trend. Coupled with the drop in the cost of electronics and availability of apps for monitoring and analysis, IoT in Healthcare is today a burgeoning market with a lot of scope for entering the mainstream in the near future.


Due to the availability of small and specific sensors for applications such as soil monitoring, crop health assessment, water level detection, etc., IoT is now making major strides in farming. Farmers can get access to a variety of tools that allow them to monitor their crops remotely and improve production.


When it comes to construction, the effort that is put into maintaining the inventory and keeping track of progress can be an exhaustive endeavor. Here, IoT is playing a major role in monitoring supplies at the construction site and track the delivery of incoming materials through GPS. Such ingenious ways of optimizing operation can transform into better productivity.


The ongoing global energy crisis has remained an unsolved puzzle for the last few decades. It may finally have found a resolve with IoT. The technology is expected to connect sensors to capture vital information that can maximize production and enable end-users to manage and minimize energy consumption.


In the era of Uber, IoT has a lot of roles to play. From connected cars to self-driven cars, the technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and is disrupting the transportation industry. Even in public transport, embedded sensors are making it easy to track buses and aiding in planning the daily commute.

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