Why Does .NET Matter in 2018 More than Ever Before?

It is 2018 and technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Most technologies that companies had hailed in the previous years are already out of relevance and memory. Even under such relentless development of new platforms and software, there are a few legacy platforms that have maintained their edge and still remain a crucial part of the industry. One such platform is dotnet, which has seen several upgrades and iterations over its history and still seems poised to be the go-to platform for business app development well into the 2020s. So, what provides the .NET framework such an unassailable position in the market?

.NET’s relevance as an application development platform can be attributed mainly to the following reasons:


Scalability is an important advantage offered by the platform. In the era of cloud computing, where most services are hosted on either Azure or AWS, .NET displays exceptional compatibility with either platform allowing operations from anywhere in the globe.


.NET is one of those rare platforms that effectively promote interoperability. Unlike other platforms that require developers to stick to a single programming language to run their applications, the platform is neutral and supports most of the languages that are used by coders. This simplifies development and makes it easy to develop applications in a flexible manner.


The code that is compiled on dotnet is closed and does not allow any backdoor entry. This makes it a highly reliable and secure platform for enterprise applications where security is as important as performance.

Ease of Outsourcing

Thanks to its popularity across the globe, you can hand over the development of your business application to any third-party developer across the globe, thus making the division of labor or outsourcing of development very easy. This gives you the opportunity to remove the technical aspect out of the equation and focus on other core business activities.

.NET is as relevant now as it was a few years ago. If you are looking for a reliable player to hand over your application development to, then get in touch with Openwave. Being the leading .NET web app development company in New York, we have extensive experience in developing enterprise-scale apps.

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