5 Strategic Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales this Halloween

It’s the last week of October and we are closing in on November! This means it’s the week of Halloween - the one festival of the year where both adults and children go crazy with the costumes! Halloween is that time of the year when all businesses and residences get together to celebrate the holiday with several scary-themed decorations and fancy outfits. In the era of the online shopping, most of these costumes are now either borrowed from online rentals or ordered through eCommerce apps and websites.

Businesses that have traditionally thrived on the Halloween business should not miss out on this brief window of opportunity. Here’s what they can do to shore up their sales:

1. Develop a Halloween-Themed Website

It’s always fun to see websites that match the mood of the season. Businesses can develop their web pages that are peppered with Halloween-related trivia and pop-ups. This increases the traffic to the website and can increase customer interaction on the website and the Page Rank.

2. Motivate Customers By Offering A Custom Designed App

Holidays like Halloween present customers with an opportunity to debut new mCommerce services and products. By developing a Halloween-themed shopping app and coupling it up with app-only coupon codes can drive more app installs and help bring more consumers to your business.

3. Throw in Offers For Halloween-Related Purchases

Specific goods such as candies, costumes, and masks see a spike in their sales around the season of Halloween. Households and offices order candies in bulk to distribute them to children. Offer a great discount on such goods by enabling coupon codes on both app and web purchases.

4. Personalize Promotions

The best way to appease customers is to reach out to them personally. This can usually be accomplished by sending out emails and SMS’s that are customized to appeal to each customer individually. This would help bring in more redirects to the website and increase the traffic.

5. Encourage Customer Engagement

A great way of engaging customers during the holiday season is to host online games and contests, coupling them with prizes and offers. Such an exercise helps your business garner more attention and passively encourages customers to promote your brand.

If you are as excited as us for the season of Halloween, follow the tips mentioned above and get a slice of the action. If you are looking to actively implement these features get some help from Openwave to make your life easier. In line with this great holiday bash, Openwave has decided to offer a discount of 10% on all our Web and Mobile App Development services until 10th of November 2017. To avail the offer, Click Here and use the coupon code “OWC-HolidaySP”.

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