5 Reasons Why Should Your Business Develop an App for the Holiday Season

As October comes to an end, it is officially the start of the holiday season. With three major festivals- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - lined up all the way till New Years’, the year-end is one of the most exciting times when consumers in North America rejoice and go on a shopping spree. This is also the time of the year when retailers see a surge in consumer interest and make the best of use this windfall to translate into great profits. In the era of eCommerce and mCommerce, the best way to increase the outreach of businesses is by investing in the development of mobile apps that augment the business and increase the eyeballs on the brand.

Here are some of the pressing reasons that businesses should make a note when it comes to investing in mobile apps development:

1. The Ubiquity of Smartphones

The fact that smartphones are everywhere is an irrefutable fact. While people may forget to check their personal emails amidst the buzz of their workday schedules, apps still offer a great potential for shoppers who are on the go.

2. Customer Loyalty

Thanks to their usage comfort, apps generally enjoy 2X customer loyalty as opposed to websites. While websites may consist of a significant number of single-time users, applications are usually used only if the customer is serious about committing to the purchase and adopting the service in the long run.

3. Push Notifications

While online ads may bring some visibility to websites, they do not come close to the ability of apps that can deliver deals and offers through push notifications. These can be delivered directly to the app users on their notification bars and have been observed to bring in more conversions.

4. Customer Retention

Offering customers exclusive deals, vouchers, and combo offers through applications is a great way of increasing customer retention and make the customer happy. By offering this as an “App-only” model helps businesses bring in more traction to the applications and increase app installs.

5. Better Shopping Experience

Apps have always offered a better shopping experience than mobile websites. This is reflected in the fact that the active time spent within an app is much higher than that on a mobile web.

If these reasons convince you as a business, the next ideal step for you is to get in touch with renowned players in the area of mobile apps development such as Openwave and get started. We can help you enlist the services of a dedicated team of expert app developers who can build and deliver your app in an economical manner.

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