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5 Ways to Make Your Website Holiday Themed and Increase Site Traffic

With the holiday’s right around the corner, the one question you need to ask yourself is “Is my website holiday-themed?” This is the most important question that businesses should look to address. Failing to do this will cost you dearly as shoppers care for looks more than anything else.

Here a few development tips that you can follow to make your eCommerce store ready for holiday sale:

1. The Color Palette

Color is a highly important element in any design. From theme colors to the color of the font, it is important to identify the right color palette in order to appeal to a wide audience. By choosing color tones that are welcoming and easy on the eyes, websites can ensure that customers stay longer and don’t lose their attention. Cool tones are the way to go.

2. Using the Right Imagery

The right image can speak a thousand words about your product. This can help websites sell the idea of the product to the customer without having to get them to read the content. This saves time for the customer and increases conversion rates. Also, a well-photographed image of the product would increase its desirability. This will directly translate into more sales.

3. Use Holiday-Themed Words

When carrying out a website revamp for holiday offers, pay attention to the words that go on the website. Using the occasional holiday-themed words and quotes as a part of wordplay on the site can help drive more traffic.

4. Using Festive Graphics

Each festival has its own symbols and icons. Websites should never discredit the importance of a pumpkin face during Halloween or a Santa cap during Christmas. Using these judiciously can help deliver the mood of the season to the customer and increase the time spent on the website. A simple and organized background design always helps bring more eyeballs to the website and keep them glued.

5. Finding the Right Festive Font

Fonts are yet another crucial aspect of web pages. While going with fonts that are functional is not harmful, choosing the form does matter at times. Choosing a holiday-themed font can increase the happiness of users and bring out the holiday spirit on the website.

Implementing these tips can help you make your website stand out from the competition and drive your traffic. For businesses who are looking for support in this area, we can help you. Openwave is an eCommerce website development company in New York with clients all across North America. If you run a business, hire our team to help you with holiday season sales boostup.

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