Drive Mobile App Installs with a Strong Holiday Season Strategy

Snow, S’mores, and Shopping! It’s that time of the year when all three come together! It’s the holiday season. For businesses looking to make great sales, it is the ripe time when shoppers are on holiday frenzy and are looking to lap up just about anything their wallets can afford and the pockets can hold! On the online world too, this can be considered true as this is the time of the year consumers spend a great time ordering online.

As eCommerce businesses look to move increasingly towards mCommerce, this is the right time for them to invest in mobile application development. However, developing apps is one thing, promoting them to holiday shoppers is another thing altogether. These are the ways in which businesses can improve their app installs as the holiday season approaches.

Don’t Focus Solely on Christmas

This is highly important. Most businesses tend to target all their promotions on Christmas sales. This should be reduced as several other important holidays such Thanksgiving precede Christmas and offer businesses a great opportunity to churn out revenue from the first week of November.

Holiday-Themed Offers

There are four Major holidays in the Nov-Dec season starting from Halloween till New years’. Businesses should promote individually themed holiday offers for each of these festivals on apps thereby spreading their marketing spends over 4 events and maximizing the profits from these holidays.


Apps have shown to be a greater way of customer retention. For businesses that are looking to launch subscription-based apps, this season can be capitalized by offering free downloads and free content. This helps in building customer habit which can later be used by app developers to motivate customers to commit to the subscription fees.


To promote a successful app, a successful app development exercise is just one of the many aspects. Adoption by customers takes quite a lot of effort. Throwing in Freebies to drive app installs is a great way of increasing installs. App developers can offer lucrative deals such as store credit, flier miles, etc., to bring in more installs.

Social Media Promotion

Three-Quarters of the population of North America spends its holiday season on Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram. From tracking and liking new products to looking for newer things to try out, Social Media is fertile ground for businesses to promote their apps. This can help drive their installs.

For businesses looking to develop an app version of their services and get them ready in time for Christmas, get in touch with Openwave. We are among the most successful app developers in New York.

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