5 Things You Need To Know About Google’s Android Jetpack

Google recently announced the latest addition to its Android app development tools – the Android Jetpack – which will guide app developers to build innovative apps. The Android Jetpack brings along with it some major advantages, one of them being the ability to run apps on all versions of Android.

Here we have put together a list of 5 amazing features that will be added to Android app development with the introduction of this new platform:

1. Android KTX i.e. Kotlin Extension

Google had already announced its support for Kotlin some time back as a result of which a lot of developers started adopting it. With the introduction of Jetpack, Kotlin language is all set to become more productive with code-transformation becoming easier. The KTX is a set of extensions added to Kotlin to make it more simple and also, to reduce the Boiler Plate code.

2. Navigation

This consists of a Framework which helps to give the UI or user interface a better structure. Often, what happens is that the development of in-app navigation becomes difficult because of inconsistencies in the transition and sharing of data. Even though this used to be a challenging task for developers, with the introduction of Jetpack, proper care has been exercised in optimizing the navigation component.

3. Paging

More often than not, a huge amount of data goes into developing popular apps which is not as pocket-friendly as it appears. With Google's paging component, developers can easily present and load a large amount of data while also increasing the speed of scrolling with the help of RecyclerView.

4. WorkManager

WorkManager is a robust new library full of solutions to executing constraint-based background tasks, which eliminates the need to use SyncAdapters. The updated API in Workmanager lets developers work efficiently on devices without having to rely much on Google Play services.

5. Slices

This is a new addition to Android Jetpack. Slices help in surfacing the user interface of apps within the Google assistant when a Google search is performed.

Google has been constantly working towards improving developer experience by simplifying the process of Android app development. Do you want to know more about the latest progress in Google’s support for Android? Do you want to Hire Android App Developers who stay updated with the trends? Then talk to us today! +1 (212) 209-1537 or Drop an Email: info@openwavecomp.com

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