Avoid Committing 5 Common Mistakes While Developing Your PHP Application

Mistakes happen from every single one of us. And developers are especially not immune to it. It is highly unlikely that your search for a perfect coder will lead you to someone who can do the same without a single error. But this does not mean that errors cannot be minimized. Most of the time, these can be easily spotted and corrected.

Here are 5 common mistakes you are likely to commit while developing a PHP application:

1. Caching Database

If your PHP apps use databases, it is of prime importance to have a database caching process, especially after the code has been written. Care should be exercised in employing only the best database caching tools like Memcache, a name experts depend on.

2. Ram Overload

Whenever the PHP code is written, new classes are created, which in-turn creates further attributes which are stored in the RAM. This increases the burden on the computer’s processor, thereby, slowing it down. Codes that build new classes during the loop execution are, therefore, preferred less.

3. Unaware of the Actual Behavior of Isset ()

To reduce the complexity of the process of coding the isset () function is used. This tool also simplifies the execution process, an advantage that less-experienced PHP coders can avail. Although, it returns null values for false functions and other flaws if a specific item does not exist. PHP developers should take special care to avoid this.

4. A Simple Difference That Can Make a Lot of Difference

Even though the difference between single and double quotes is talked about, the exact difference is still unclear. Both of them are used in code for the same purpose of linking two strings, yet both of them work in two distinct manners. Linking with double quotes eliminates the need to use dot or period to separate string-codes.

5. Ignoring Coding Standards

The 5 PHP standards – Basic Coding, Coding Style Guide, Autoloading Standard, Autoloader and Logger interface should be strictly adhered to. Ignoring them can prove disastrous for your project!

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