What Start-Ups Should Know About Android App Development Services?

Most start-ups are faced with the same question in their initial days – where to begin? This question can have a lot of answers from different perspectives, but when it comes to choosing a platform, it has two options – web or mobile. Depending on the target audiences, start-up business can choose from two alternatives if they opt for mobile – Android and iOS platforms. But how to choose from them without going wrong? Do we develop apps for both platforms at the same time? More time consuming and complicated than it may sound, in reality, opting for both the platforms simultaneously would be a huge mistake.

Here we explain why we think Android is a better pick as compared to later:

Five Reasons to Choose Android

Android has been conquering the global market with an increasing number of brands using it to promote their enterprises. iOS pales in comparison to the multiple and diverse app development services Android has to offer.

  • Open source – The tools and SDK are completely free, which lowers development costs.
  • Flexibility in customization – Android app development involves more flexible processes and easier customization methods. Moreover, a lot of APIs are supported.
  • Faster approvals – Android apps get approved at a faster rate as compared to iOS. This is because Apple requires developers to abide by its strict rules.
  • The Better scope of development – Just from the percentage of shares Android holds in app markets, it’s evident that it offers the better scope of development in the present as well as in the future.
  • Easy release and publication –The platform is generous enough in that it not only allows you to release your product on Google playstore but also on third-party app markets and websites, which iOS doesn’t offer.

Common Myths Surrounding Android Apps

1. The App Will Sell Itself

No, after developing and releasing the app, you cannot expect it to sell itself immediately. Building the app is just the easier part. Deploying and applying the right marketing strategies is what is going to be harder.

2. I Don’t Need Client Validation

The truth is; you actually do. Instead of barking up the wrong trees for validation of your app, ask your real users or someone who has downloaded and used the app already.

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