How To Smoothly Convert An iOS App To Android Or Android App To iOS?

When it comes to mobile app development, Android and iOS are the most popular platforms nowadays. These two have a very serious competition going on between them. Potential app developers usually have to make a choice between these two, depending on the requirements of the client and the kind of coverage they are looking for.

Android app development, of course, has a bigger market, but for those preferring the exotic tastes of life, iOS is the preferred platform. If a situation arises, it is quite easy to convert your existing app from iOS to Android or vice versa.

Here are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind while carrying out a conversion:

1. Setting Up The App’s Architecture

First of all, you’ll need to study the app’s composition, its features and functions very carefully. Also, you need to understand the differences which will take place because of the conversion.

2. The App’s Design

iOS app development is quite different from Android. The designs also vary. The conversion will also have to include total redesigning of the app.

3. Code Collection And Framework Of Android

The developer will need to acquaint himself with all elements of the app. An entirely different language will have to be written, so it is very important to remember each and every aspect of the app.

4. App Testing

Once all is said and done, you will need some assurance regarding the quality of the final product, for this, you will need to test the app.

5. Conversion

While converting the app, you will need to take care of the home button as it operates differently on both variants. Other design differences also need to be looked at.

For a successful conversion to take place, you will need to hire a competent development team. If you are looking to hire a developer in the US, Openwave can be your best bet. The company has been dominating the market for decades and has never disappointed a single customer.

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