5 Tips For Mcommerce Success

Customers around the world are looking for mobile optimized websites. Do you have one? If you don't, here are 5 reasons why it’s high time you changed your mind. What You Should Be Doing

1. Get Involved

Most businesses can’t wait to launch their mobile optimized website as mobile commerce gets more significant, and current stats show the opportunity is now. The longer you wait to start your mobile site, the more time your competitors have to launch theirs.

2. Go Social

Socially integrating your mobile website is not only good from the user’s point of view but also an opportunity for your customers to share what they like with the people close to them. A "Facebook Like" every product will accelerate traffic into your branding efforts. Remember: even if you are not engaging with your customers on social media, rest assured your competitors are!

3. Personalize

To create a unique user experience that would build brand loyalty you need to personalize it. Many companies have still not addressed the mcommerce opportunity of making personalization the base of their optimization but it is important that you realise its necessity.

4. Capture Important Data

This should make a lot of sense. Suppose a consumer is visiting your mobile store, and is actively interest in a particular brand. By asking the customer for his or her email or mobile number you are only maintaining a channel to communicate with them in the future. This piece of information can be used to send festival offers, coupons, discounts and other such information.

5. Be Unique

mCommerce is still in its infancy which is a great opportunity for you to stand out from your competitors. Those who "WOW" customers, and raise brand awareness will be those who do something new for their customers. This in turn, gives the customers something positive to talk about and share about the company. One strategy that has worked so far is offering special VIP promotions that will either drive customers to your mcommerce store or probably even back to your retail store.

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