How To Escape Google’s Mobile Time Bomb?

The mobilegeddon is finally out. After months of speculation and hush-hush talk about Google’s search rankings based on mobile-friendliness, Google finally updated its search engine rankings based on your website’s mobile-friendliness on April 21st. To know more about the update that has sent the entire technology world into a tizzy, read on.

So, how do you fare on Google’s new ranking system? To verify that, you need to go to here and see if your website fits the bill now demanded by Google. Satisfied? Lucky you. But for those of you on the other side, don't lose hope. Because you’re only one among the millions of website owners who’re going to lose out in the rankings race owing to lack of mobile optimization.

But firstly, you need to know the necessity of having your website mobile optimized. It has been some time since mobile came to dominate the web. From searches to blogs to games to ecommerce to daily newsfeed, the web has quickly become a mobile-centric one. Though the recent Google update applies only to mobile searches, it may impact your overall traffic. It is due to this that website after website in the past three years has spent oodles of time and energy trying to make their sites mobile-friendly.


Now remember: Google has a reputation of destroying companies with a single snippet of code in its algorithm. Google’s ‘Panda’ search rehash in 2011 had turned entire companies upside down and let it not be your turn now as Google won’t wait for you to change your site into a mobile-optimized one. (Recall that Google had already given a warning in February about its new search algorithm).

If you’re trying to figure out what you need to do to make your site mobile-optimized, listen in. All you need to do is entrust your mobile optimization task to a trusted mobile development company. The company has to have a reputation of ensuring mobile friendliness, responsive design, security, and above all, the ability to grab eyeballs.

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