5 Ways To Increase ROI During Holidays With A Mobile App

The holidays are an amazing time for shopping if you are a customer; and selling, if you run a business! With an array of exciting festivals, all lined up, the festive season is the best time of the year for sellers and buyers alike. If you run a business, you have to pre-plan a strategy to conquer this period. To capitalize on any festivity, you need to be equipped months in advance! This holiday season, you can massively increment the ROI your mobile app generates.

Mobile apps have become a pivotal point in the growth of any venture; mobile apps themselves are a venture today! The era today is going digital, and almost every person uses a smartphone. Digital interconnectedness is at its peak, and mobile apps are catalyzing this growth. Statistics indicate over a billion people use mobiles today! This means, businesses have a market of millions of users, should they choose to make an app and cater to them. With a mobile app, the potential revenue for your venture sees a massive spurt, and you are connected to a larger audience.

This festive season, you can bring home gifts of profits using a mobile app! Here are 5 ways to do so:

1. Pre-Planning

Planning ahead of time is of paramount importance if you want to catch the holiday trends. A great example is the Christmas sale; there are bells and stars everywhere, Christmas themed goodies, and so on. And all this isn't done on the spot, it requires months of planning to pull off perfectly! By employing analytic tools, you can study past trends and see the type of products users search for, when they buy it, etc. Pre-plan your activities, so during the holiday season, you are ready.

2. Use A Theme

One of the most efficient ways to increase the appeal of your mobile app is by changing its theme to match a trend! This makes a huge difference to the response you get. During festivals like Christmas, you will notice a Santa's hat on several apps and frost themed interfaces. This creates excitement and intrigues users. By reworking your design to fit a trend, you will hugely influence customers, and the ROI will see a big rise.

3. Provide In-App Purchase Facilities

You might think asking a user to pay might discourage them from using your app, but the reality says otherwise. When your service is of top-notch quality, you are free to upgrade it and offer for a specific price. In-app purchases are seen often in games, where users are prompted to unlock levels, characters and so on, with a small payment. An involved user won't hesitate to pay for a service; however, the service has to be of the stellar quality at the same time.

4. Offer Promotions

One of the best ways of earning customer favor is by rewarding them, timely. The best example of this is Amazon Prime. With a regular payment, users can enjoy a plethora of facilities! From movies to music to discounts, the Prime upgrade provides users with a bunch of goodies. Doing the same for your service might seem unprofitable at first, but as more and more people start subscribing, you will see an amazing hike.

5. Send Notifications

While notifications are primarily for updating users, they can also be used as a messenger. You can see this trend in several apps, once a purchase is made, they send out notifications to thank users. These can also be used for updating your users about offers, discounts and limited-edition sales. In the era of increasing smartphone usage, push notifications serve as a stepping stone to getting better reach!

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