How To Effectively Boost E-commerce Holiday Sales In 2018

Companies strive year-long to scale-up their sales for better returns over time. Continuous research and analysis of data is to be performed to determine practical ways to achieve this target. This process is truly a struggle and can be cumbersome at times. Fortunately, holiday seasons provide lots of opportunities for companies to increase their sales via e-commerce websites. The trends and interests of people are quite evident during this period and they can be capitalized to gain more popularity and maximize returns.

Here are some ways to effectively boost e-commerce holiday sales in 2018.

Win Viewer Trust

Customers have every reason to distrust your e-commerce website unless you provide them with legitimate reasons to trust you. Add a physical address and some contact numbers to show viewers that you can be reached. To develop from here, you could attach testimonials, reviews and also FAQs about your website. This subconsciously generates a level of trust for your website. Further, you could get good press coverage during or just before holiday season and display that on your website. With each step, you improve your credibility and eventually attract more customers to your website. Moreover, you could also include live chat service for better customer care.

Include Eye-Catching Images

It is known that attractive images abundantly improve conversion rates. The image of the product is the first thing that the customers see. It is really important to make a good first impression. Do not settle for low quality images at any cost. The majority of the convincing is done by the image of the product rather than its description or the reviews about it. So, visually captivate people by uploading colorful images which are of superior quality and you will end up boosting your e-commerce sales.

Optimize Website Loading Speed

Minimizing the time taken to load your e-commerce website can do wonders. This is not to exaggerate, but it really does matter. If your website doesn’t satisfy the hunger of the customers, they will move on to your competitors to get fed. So, make sure you optimize website speed and reduce load times as much as possible. Some ways to do it is to minimize HTTP requests, decrease the number of plug-ins, prioritize above-the-fold (ATF) content and reduce the number of redirects. Usually, customers are not interested in scanning the entire store. So, add an omnipresent navigation tab to enable quick and easy searches. These will by-pass the loading of unnecessary pages.

Make Certain Products Exclusive

One of the most practical solutions to increase sales on your e-commerce website is to create scarcity for some of the products. Declare them to be exclusive and keep a deadline for their availability. If you are going to charge them a high price, decrease the number of products available for purchase. This develops a sense of urgency in the customers as they won’t have much time to decide whether they want to buy the product or not. Introduce tags like “Flash Sales”, “Limited Offer”, “Exclusive Item” and the like to encourage your customers to buy your products and watch your sales go through the roof!

Provide Free Shipping

For obvious reasons, people like hearing the word “free”. It gives them a sense of attainment of some sort and it just works almost every time. Why overlook something that is so efficient? Offer free shipping services to your customers. It will make them feel less burdened about the payment they will have to make. Research shows that charging for shipment of products is the top reason for customers to withdraw from making their purchase and abandon their e-carts. You don’t want this to happen to you. So, work your way around providing free shipping and win more customers down the line. For better results, remove all possible distractions as the customer begins the check-out process.

Write Relatable Product Descriptions

As you will be well aware of the interests of your customers during the holiday season, capitalize on the occasion and write stories around the products which genuinely connect with them. Make it emotional; reach their feelings. Don’t rely on copy/paste methods. They are hazardous for your business. You need to exhibit uniqueness with your content to create a lasting impression on your customers and increase their engagement. This will definitely give you an upper hand amongst your competitors and naturally, lead to higher conversion rates.

These are some of the key factors which you need to keep in mind if you want to effectively boost sales during the holiday season. However, if you are interested in attracting a much bigger traffic to your ecommerce website and drive your sales to the next level, reach out to Openwave, a premier information technology company, who provides world-class eCommerce web development solutions in New York. Get your quote, today!

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