7 Stellar Ways To Take Your Ecommerce Sales Higher This Halloween

Halloween is close approaching! The season of scares is upon us, and now is an amazing time to get your ecommerce business out there. Since its advent, ecommerce has taken the business to a whole new level. Digitization has impacted society tremendously, changed the way we view things and taken millions of businesses online. The competition is immensely stifled today, and to survive online, businesses have to think smart, not hard. Mobile apps and websites have become monumental today, and these two digital elements offer much for the modern entrepreneur!

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition today is to catch the right trends and capitalize on them. And what better trend than a festival! Halloween is widely celebrated around the world and is one of the best times to take your ecommerce sales to the skies. With proper marketing, a unique selling point, and the hint of discounts, attracting customers will be no mammoth task. While the kids go out trick-or-treating, you can offer a treat of your services to the millions!

Here are 7 ways to boost your sales this Halloween:

Rework Your Website Design (Temporarily)

You don't have to redo things completely! Whenever a dominant trend is noticed, adapting to it is one of the most efficient ways to reaching audience. Halloween is the night of scares; get a themed website with bats, webs, and monsters! This personalizes user experience and has a guaranteed chance of retaining user attention. Several websites lose visitors due to a poor homepage. Don't make that mistake! Embrace the festive theme and watch as your conversion rate goes through the roof!

Throw In Some Offers And Discounts

Festivals are a time for celebrations, and celebrations mean discounts. Offers and discounts are a crucial part of reeling in customers. Aggressive pricing is something everyone looks for before availing services. House irresistible offers on your website; this is the real-time equivalent of giving Halloween candy! As a provider, your job isn't just offering services and products; it is also to retain customers, while simultaneously increasing visitor count. The best way to do both is by offering festive season sales!

Personalized Promotions

Customers absolutely love personalization. When you make them feel special, they are not only bound to come back but will also spread the word. The best part of this is that you don't have to put in too much effort. Some of the most brilliant forms of personalization can be seen in ecommerce packaging strategies. Businesses deliver their products with quirky packaging, and hand-written thank you notes, making the entire experience absolutely delightful. You can implement similar strategies, by sending personalized emails and coupons. This can also be achieved through push notifications on a mobile app. With a drop-down notification, users are bound to notice your promotional messages! This will enhance a user's online shopping experience by several times!

Offer Free Shipping

You can sell a product for $1 with $0.10 shipping, and the customer won't buy it; and sell a product for $1000 with free shipping, and the customer will definitely buy it! Such is the nature of a buyer. Free shipping is very important during festive season sales. When people are in the mood for parties, and festivities, seeing a "$10 shipping fee" will send them crashing. Do you really want to boost your sales? Provide free shipping and watch as the charts climb!

Optimize Your Mobile Site

It is pretty obvious today that people spend more time looking at their phones, than using a computer. The importance of mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites has skyrocketed! Without a mobile site, you will fail to reach up to almost 60% of users. Before launching your online shopping sales, make sure you have a mobile friendly website.

Prepare Beforehand

Launching a sale isn't an overnight thing. You have to make sure everything is working fine, there are no bugs, and you are ready to handle the vast inflow of customers! Customize everything beforehand, and run a test before going live. Last minute preparations almost never work out, and it is better being safe than sorry!

Work Some Mobile App Magic

Mobile apps are a pivotal point in today's era. The surge in mobile users is unbelievable; from kids to the elderly, everyone has a smartphone. With millions on their mobiles today, imagine the audience you can reach through an app! With a neat app, one that is preferably Halloween themed, you can bag customers in thousands for your ecommerce venture!

Make use of the festive season sales, and take your venture to the top of the charts! A well-designed website is all you need, to show your audience how ready to be to trick-or-treat. Call Openwave today +1(212) 209-1537, and hire from our arsenal of ecommerce experts! Be it a website development or mobile app development, our experts will deliver the best of both worlds. This Halloween season, avail our services for a stellar discount of 10%! Use the code OWC-HolidaySP; offer valid up to 10th November’18! Hurry up, don't miss out!

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