6 Must-Have Features to Include in Your Event Planning Mobile App

From gaming to education, the mobile transformation has touched upon nearly every industry. Event planning apps, especially, have stomped the traditional ways of getting things done and have replaced it with a faster, easier and a better way to plan, manage and gather information about future events. This is one of the reasons why several businesses, developers or even individuals are turning towards mobile application development for events.

Types of Event Planning Apps:

App developers can generally build three types of apps, such as:

  • Internal events
  • Conference
  • Meeting apps
  • Irrespective of the kind of event app you develop, it’s vital to note that there are a few essential features that need to be a part of it. Here’s our pick of the top 6 features that you need to cross-off your list:

    1) Time and Location Feeds

    Solely announcing what event you or someone else is hosting is useless information. Most of the users would not care to look it up online. This is why; a constantly updated feed of event time, date, venue and other related details is a must-have feature.

    2) Online Ticket Purchases

    Enlisting the events isn’t enough. Provide a facility to make a purchase, i.e., buy tickets online via your event app. While doing so, you need to ensure that you’re providing users a choice of payment options to make the task easy and convenient.

    3) Define Agenda or the Purpose

    For an internal conference or a meeting, it is vital to announce the main agenda, so that attendees can get an idea of what the event is all about. For other events, such as a fundraiser or a cultural fest, relevant details can induce interest amongst the users and get them to make an appearance.

    4) It’s all about the UX

    A dull, boring and lifeless UX will cause users to lose interest in your app fairly quickly. During mobile app development, focus on making the app engaging, visually-rich and as interactive as possible.

    5) A Trip down The Past

    One of the best features to include in your application is to give users a chance to revisit old lectures or provide access to those who’ve missed out on the event entirely by providing a recording of the entire proceedings or the presentations.

    6) Social Media

    Right from providing insight into future events to interconnecting various attendees to planning a social gathering, social media can add a multi-functional identity to your app and can help your product find wide acceptance amidst the user community.

    These apps are witnessing increased popularity in the business world, proving to be a great utility tool for wedding planners, event organizers, etc. So, if you’re planning on building one, make sure you do it right! Get help from Openwave’s app developers.

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