A Look into the Future: Where Google and Apple are taking Android and iOS?

Nokia was the real harbinger of change in the communications industry, but soon other players entered the market, user preferences had changed, and after a while, the scales tipped in favor of Google and Apple. Today, these two names are synonymous with evolution in the Smartphone industry and have become the trendsetters that usher in better, bigger and superlative user experiences. Their indigenous Operating systems - Android and iOS - just keep growing with time, with each technology giant trying to outdo the other by introducing a host of new features.

Want to know what Google and Apple are planning? Let’s take a glimpse into the future:


  • Android O, The Biggest Release
  • After Nougat, comes Android O, an OS version that’s officially been named 'Oreo'. From picture-in-picture mode to better memory and battery usage to group notifications, there’s a lot in store for users.

  • Android Go for Low-Memory Devices
  • Phones falling on the lower end of the price bracket can be optimized with Android Go. Built specifically for low-memory devices, it will enhance the performance and the user experience on low-end phones.

  • Duo – Google’s Very Own Facetime
  • It’s a video-calling app built to challenge Apple’s FaceTime and has already been released last year. It’s expected to be optimized further to minimize data consumption in the coming time.

  • Android Wear 2.0
  • An upgrade is on the cards for Android Wear 2.0. Soon, users will be able to use a swipeable QWERTY keyboard on their wearable devices.

  • AR and IoT
  • Google and application developers are placing increased emphasis on Augmented Reality and IoT, and more apps powered by these technologies are expected to be built.

  • Security is Getting Tighter
  • Google is focusing on making the platform more secure with every release, in view of the rising instances of security threats.


  • Siri will Get Better
  • Siri is an absolute favorite of users – and now the world’s most popular personal assistant will feature enhanced abilities and translation capabilities.

  • iOS 11 is Here
  • Through iOS 11, Apple is set to launch a power-packed OS with a host of features that users will absolutely love.

  • The ARKit
  • Here’s an arena where Apple is distinctly scoring over Google. With the launch of its ARKit, the tech giant has made a platform available for iOS app developers to incorporate Augmented Reality.

  • Swift Gets an Upgrade
  • Swift 3.0, the latest in the line of Apple’s programming languages, will make mobile application development quicker, easier and much faster.

  • iOS for Enterprises
  • Enterprises are increasingly embracing Apple devices and are expected to use cloud technology to interlink various departments and improve work efficiency.

  • The Rise of IoT Apps
  • By interconnecting devices and Apple’s increased focus on implementing IoT in apps, homes will get smarter, and life will be made much simpler. From controlling your car, lights to the AC, smart apps can make it happen.

    With constant evolution, application developers need to stay ahead of these dynamic changes brought in by Google and Apple to build apps that are future-ready.

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