7 Vital Things to Know Before You Hire a Magento Developer

The number of online stores is exponentially rising with time. While e-commerce serve as a highly lucrative means to sell products online and achieve escalated levels of conversions, it is becoming harder in the presence of so many competitors. Magento is a brilliant solution for enhanced management of e-commerce websites. It renders several useful functionalities to efficiently cater to the growing needs of an online retailer. Often times, one requires a professional Magento developer to help them build a highly converting and robust e-store.

Here are 7 vital things to know before you hire a Magento developer:

1) Establish Your Needs First

It is very important to know what your requirements are for a Magento-based e-commerce website. It offers a lot of features with several functionalities and an expansive room for flexible customizations. Defining your needs and your budget is crucial for appropriately demanding services from developers. Having a clear vision for your online retail store clears up the fog for you and your developer and accelerates the development process.

2) Look for Certified and Experienced Developers

Magento provides a variety of certifications to developers based on the type of examination undertaken. Look-up and learn what each certificate stands for and then proceed with the search for companies who have the certification you are looking for. The main reason you should hire a certified company is because a certain level of professionalism can be expected along with extended capabilities. Developers should cater to more than just coding for e-commerce websites. It is important to seek those who can assist you with cost cutting and time saving too. Here’s where experience comes into play.

3) Read Customer Reviews

To get a glimpse of the success rates of the company you are looking at, go through customer reviews that can be found online. Figure out if the solutions that you are looking for have already been provided and check how authentic they are. Reviews are a great way of understanding the authenticity and abilities of the company to provide Magento-based eCommerce web solutions. Gathering different opinions will give you a rough idea of who you will be dealing with and what to expect.

4) Demand Company Portfolio

Try not to stop with the opinions of people. Go ahead and ask for the company’s portfolio directly to have a peek at how accomplished they are and the variety of eCommerce web development services that are in store for you. This will give you a deeper insight into the company, its style of working, its ability to deliver projects and more. It is important to know how credible its work is before you proceed and hire it to do your project.

5) Connect with the Development Team

Once you have decided to hire a particular company, connect with its website development team and inquire about their plan for delivering appropriate Magento solutions to you. Fix a convenient mode of communication and interact with them from time to time. Your initial plans may not fully take shape towards the end. Some changes may occur and you will need to proactively communicate what you would like to implement. This will enable the developer to work effectively.

6) Seek for Quality at Cost-Effective Rates

It is not advisable to opt for Magento services which are extremely cheap than the average cost. You must look into the delivery of quality eCommerce web solutions. Often times, quality is compromised with reduced pricing. But in this competitive world, compromising on quality is certainly not the best idea. So, search for companies that give priority to quality and also lessen the burden of cost to an extent. Remember, superior quality equals more value.

7) Ensure Support Post Development

While it expected for the company to deliver within the deadline given, its service must not end with it. Web development is an ongoing process and your Magento website needs to be optimized with time. Security has to be updated regularly. New features will have to be incorporated. You may also want to remove certain elements. So, you have to make sure that the Magento web developer you hire will provide you with all the support that is needed post development. Once your Magento e-commerce store is up and running, you’ll need all the support you can lay hands on!

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