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Employ These Trends to Enhance iOS App Development in 2019

Apple has been consistently strong and forward with its products ever since its inception. The iOS devices including iPhone’s and iPad’s are equipped with exceptionally powerful and sophisticated features. Any iOS user will claim that the experience is unique and rich. This proves that quality matters and how much people value it. Keeping up with its quality standards, it is also important to follow the latest trends in order to ensure that your app performs well in the fast-changing market we are faced with today.

Here are a few key trends that you should employ from if you want to enhance iOS App Development in 2019!

1. Introducing Beacons Technology

This technology is a game changer in many ways for mobile applications. Created for iOS apps, it allows them to become aware of new locations and react to signals accordingly, merging offline and online differences. For instance, if you go to an airport to catch a flight, the beacon there will detect your app and send signals of information regarding your boarding. Likewise, this technology has found use in several areas including finance, event management, and retail sectors. It is also integrated with household machines and appliances.

2. Augmenting Enterprise Functions

While Android has provided so much volume to the app market, many enterprises find amazing uses in iOS app development. As they always look for quality and functionality, these become their immediate choice. This gives a great advantage to leverage. So, focusing on specific functions which can potentially augment enterprise functions can be highly rewarding. The conversion number might be less but the value is what truly matters. To give you an insight, it’s more like making $1M by selling 10 products rather than 50.

3. Incorporating IoT

The Internet of Things is another brilliant technology that has found use in the mobile app space. Integrating its solutions with iOS app development will undoubtedly add immense value to the products. IoT primarily connects multiple devices and gives remote control to the user. Being able to access devices from afar allows users to take care of things without having to be physically present. Additionally, sensors can be attached to sense particular signals and affect the functions of devices accordingly.

4. Improving Touch Sensitivity

Developers have begun giving this aspect a lot of thought lately. Enabling feather touch sensitivity increasingly improves user experience and at the same time allows them to perform tasks swiftly. More importantly, including the feature of Touch ID is the key today. Apple has always considered security as one of the most important pillars of the development of its products. We have also advanced to the points of retina scanning and facial recognition for authorization. While certain methods have become controversial topics, they do contribute to increased security.

5. Integrating Cloud Software

Syncing apps from various platforms in a dedicated cloud enable users to retrieve desired information from it on any device. This is a very useful feature which cloud computing is offering iOS app users of today. It is important to note that wearable devices are being aggressively developed and they require cloud support to access the required information for functioning. Additionally, as gaming apps are exponentially improving, they tend to be large in size. Rendering cloud support will potentially minimize the burden of storing so much data on the mobile device. So, integrating cloud software is crucial while developing an app!

6. Developing Games

Games are becoming the bigger trends recently not just because of their addictive nature but the kind of quality experience being delivered to a user. It is recommended to make games which add value to users. This way, they will find use in playing them and also have fun along the way. With various categories including puzzles, action, strategy, and more, you have a really wide ground to develop an immersive iOS gaming app that will augment your business. Most of them are often released as freemium which means there will be purchasable items in-game.

7. Using Improved Strategies for ASO

There are over 2 million products housed in the App Store, it can become quite challenging to have your app recognizable amongst so many others. This calls for a need to follow the best strategies for App Store Optimization (ASO). Implementing them, it is possible to effectively improve your discoverability and eventually become well-known. You must determine the right keywords for your product and include them wherever necessary.

The competition is tight among many iOS App Developers. It is therefore very important to keep up with the rising trends and implement those that will be effective for your app. Openwave houses an exceptional iOS App Development Team in New York. Connect with us to avail best-in-class solutions and services at affordable rates! We incorporate only the best so that you get only the best! Why waiting then? Dial: +1 (212) 209-1537 and Request for a free consultation or Shoot an Email:

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