Top 8 Handpicked PHP Frameworks for Web Application Development

Developing software from scratch is time-consuming and takes a huge toll on the developers. Employing a potential framework, on the other hand, makes the job much easier and a lot more efficient. PHP is a versatile programming language that is capable of building powerful and extensive software. Using well-built PHP frameworks undoubtedly gives you an upper hand when it comes to web application development.

Here, we have handpicked the top 8 PHP frameworks that can be used to pursue web application development. Choose any one of them according to your specific requirements.


Adopting the MVC architecture, it is free and open-source. It is well suited for building web apps that require heavy back-end requirements. Being a relatively new PHP framework, it still managed to get to the top of the charts because of its impeccable performance, elegance, and simplicity which are much sought after. Employing only salt and hashed password, it confers tightened security to its users. Moreover, its lightweight templating engine, ‘Blade’, is quite tempting. It also provides the capability of running tasks asynchronously in the background for improved performance.


It perfectly caters to ventures that demand a high degree of protection. Well recognized websites like BMW, Express, and Hyundai are powered by this particular PHP framework. While providing several built-in features for enhanced security, it also offers a flexible architecture for rapid web application development with improved organization. Enabling in-depth documentation and giving quick access to databases, it is a great choice for making lucrative tools for commercial purposes. Despite being in the game for a long time, this PHP framework is still being actively developed to render top-grade solutions for its users.


With a considerably small footprint, this lightweight PHP framework is very easy to install and has minimum configuration requirements. Enabling excellent documentation, it allows one to quickly dive right into the project. It serves as an amazing platform when it comes to the development of dynamic websites. Being faster than the rest of the PHP frameworks, it works fabulously on both shared and dedicated platforms. Employing its MVC architecture and uncomplicated functionality, scalable web apps can be made without much hassle.


Having more than 200 million installations available, it is best suited for large-scale projects. Its flexibility allows for efficient customization of the web app and acceleration of the development process, rendering top-notch quality in a short span of time. It implements the agile methodology with object-oriented coding to enable stellar performance and seamlessly unlocks extensive scalability. This PHP framework does not require high maintenance as such. Moreover, its compatibility with various databases like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL and also third-party plugins greatly improves productivity.


The combination of powerful caching support and confers robust security makes this PHP framework extremely efficient. Supporting Memcache, APC, Xcache, segment caches and others, it is employed for developing comprehensive platforms like forums, portals, RESTful web services and more. It also functions excellently with 3rd party codes. Bundled with integral Ajax-enabled widgets like Treeview, Data Grid and others, it paves way for writing incredibly amazing UI. Enhancing speed and performance, it enables object-based modeling of database data to overcome the monotone and complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements.


If your project is long-term requires a high degree of stability, this PHP framework might just be the way to go. Rendering extreme levels of flexibility, it allows you to specifically choose what features you want to use and employ them accordingly. The plug-n-play option allows the bundle architecture to use external libraries. With reusable PHP components and decreased repetition of codes, it is relatively faster than other frameworks. Also, being compatible with other powerful web solutions, it is a great solution for web app development.


It is a PHP framework that is made of independent components that can function even without the framework itself. Aimed at developing powerful read-only websites, this PHP platform has minimum dependencies on external factors to deliver exceptional performance. It is very new and was first conceived in 2018. With the adaptable HMVC architecture, it helps to create robust designs and augment performance to the next level.


This one is a full stack PHP framework which also uses the HMVC architecture that is adaptable and quite extensive in nature. Its modular structure is built-in and its tightened security is enabled by URI filtering, output encoding, and input validation. Equipped with good documentation and authentication mechanisms, it very effective and efficient in delivery. It undoubtedly finds a spot among the leading PHP frameworks available today.

PHP unlocks a wide range of functions that increasingly support your venture and render impeccably brilliant performance. Being highly flexible, it powers web application development incredibly! If you are looking to Hire Professional LAMP Website Developers in New York, feel free to get in touch with Openwave. Our arsenal of experts provides absolutely sterling solutions at affordable rates! Contact us for more information.

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